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I have 25 years experience in IT and 13 years experience in designing, developing and implementing many different data analytics and data engineering solutions with a strong focus on customer service. This includes advanced data analytics platforms, data management and discovery systems, and data integration and linkage solutions.

I have managed over $50 million in projects and delivered an estimated $230 million worth of economics benefit, established and led 4 data analytics / engineering teams, and am looking to establish a fifth in clinical informatics. Creating buy-in with skeptical stakeholders in the data analytics and engineering space is my specialty.

I have achieved all this because I also focus on the non-technical needs of solutions, such as change management, training, grassroots awareness raising, and recruitment of multi-disciplinary implementation teams. I have seen first-hand how new health research infrastructure and services are underutilised when grassroots staff are cynical, distrustful or unaware of options.

I explain my methodologies that extend best practice with the rest of the data analytics and data engineering community. With 15,000+ views and 1,700+ downloads, they span a wide range of areas including digital health solutions, how to build high-performing data analytics teams, new types of communities of practice, and organisational development. I have shared these as an international keynote and as a supervisor to 19 Master of Data Science students.