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I’m Sacha Marie, a mama to two strong willed Scorpio girls aged 5 and 3. 

I’ve loved essential oils since I was a 13 year old doing spells under the full moon.

5 years ago, I discovered the most potent and pure oils in a brand called Young Living. They have been around for 30 years, perfecting the art of distilling until each bottle has the very same chemical constituents as the plant from which they came, making them therapeutic grade.

One year into mamahood, I was depleted, exhausted and had lost my sparkle. I needed a purpose, something just for me, so I decided to start sharing these oils and the incredible low tox products that Young Living offers.

Starting this business has given me everything I needed and so much more. My job is my passion, teaching others how to use essential oils to support their wellness and emotions and how to go low tox in their home. I also get to mentor other women to do the same. You learn as you go and teach what you know. 

In the Young Living community I’ve found the most supportive, like minded souls and there's always room here for you!