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Samantha Brick - Occupational Therapist , Kinesiologist. Holistic practitioner 

Balanced Wellbeing & Training 

Registered for NDIS, Medicare and Private Health in Victoria

Specialising in children with developmental and behavioural difficulties including Autism and ADHD.

Workshops on Reflex Integration and sensory processing and emotional regulation for parents and teachers to help you understand your children better and put strategies in place to support their growth.


  • Stress management & Relaxation strategies
  • Life skills


  • Optimum Health Balance - Enhance your natural healing ability to help with a variety of chronic and acute issues. Increase your energy to the highest possible level.  
  • Brain Gym / Kinesiology for Kids / Movement the Brain & Learning

For Kids of all ages  Switch on the brain so learning is easier

Improve balance and coordination         Identify food sensitivities

Calming techniques / Improve concentration

  • Touch For Health (TFH Instructor)

Balancing the biochemical, emotional and physical within your body

Emotional stress release

Muscle balance & Pain relief

  • Integrated Healing

Holographic healing model using range of healing modalities including crystals, laser, oils, tuning forks.

REIKI (Master Practitioner) and ThetaHealing Practitioner

Relieves stress, pain, emotional blockages

Enhances Relaxation, Peace, Connection with Universe

Belief and Feeling work to remove blockages and achieve goals