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Santos Organics

Santos Organics isn't just a health food store, we're an Environmental Not-for-profit Social Enterprise - caring for people and the planet. We’ve been serving our community since 1978, spreading wholehearted goodness and making conscious shopping easy!

Grow the Growers Project

Santos Organics has always supported local suppliers and recently we have decided to go even MORE local by increasing the percentage of the fresh certified organic produce that is grown in the Northern Rivers region within our stores.

To support the growth of organic farms in our region, our Grow the Growers project supports farmers who are new to the organic certification process. Part of this support includes welcoming Certified Organic In-conversion produce to our Stores. In-conversion farms can struggle to find a market for their produce until they are fully certified which can lead to financial loss and the inability to complete the certification process. We hope that supporting farmers to transition to organic while also providing a market for their produce, will, over time, grow the number of organic farms in the Northern Rivers while improving our community's access to clean, fresh local produce.