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Self Ceremony is the practice of Coming Home to your True Nature through Ancient Wisdoms and Modern Sciences blended together to Create Magic.

What is your true nature? … Your soul’s calling or core essence? … Minus social conditioning, rogue beliefs, ancestral agreements, emotional trauma and anything else that is not a true reflection of who you were born to be.

The offerings of Self Ceremony are invitations for you to explore and discover your heart’s knowing of your true nature and purpose in ways that ignite and inspire you. The wonderful thing about being human is that we are all so different. Whilst we all may nurture the same fundamental needs, wants and desires, we all have our own unique pathway to fulfilling, and in turn, expressing them. Self Ceremony is a melting pot of different modalities, practices, theories, premises and concepts. Some you will gravitate towards, some will be a safe space to hide (and dare I say use to bypass the real trauma and limiting beliefs), some will challenge you and all of them will offer you insight into hidden parts of yourself waiting to come forth and be seen.

Self Ceremony is a place for those of us curious to turn inwards to meet and accept all of our parts - the light and the shadow - on a journey of self discovery and transformation. It’s a space where everything is welcome to come up and be expressed in healthy ways.

Self Ceremony is in the process of being birthed. Sc:CIRCLE launched in February 2023 with more events and offerings to follow throughout the year. Please reach out if you would like to connect and learn more.

Self Ceremony events are facilitated by Elissa Wilson. Her website is