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Simone is a Transformational Empowerment Coach and energy practitioner, supporting change-seekers to develop a deeper connection with themselves, get clear on who they are and what they want for themselves, to take desired action so that they can get more joy out of life and business. She is also a mother to 3 young children, an artist, human resources professional, moon gazer, beach walker, and more...

There are many tools in Simone's toolkit which allow her to support people in a variety of ways, no matter where they are on their journey. Whether it be a Coaching Program, Reiki session, Wellness Workshop, or Mandala Painting Workshop, all her offerings are centred around guiding you back to yourself to gain clarity and restore balance.

It has been through Simone's own transformation through parenthood, where she rediscovered herself, and a passion for supporting others in connecting to themselves and creating, reflecting and nurturing their souls. She unearthed a love for painting and the bliss of having something creative to immerse herself in as a meditative practice. Combined with her journaling practice, Reiki, Coaching, and more, Simone has been guiding and supporting women and menfor 5 years in her beautiful space, Embarked.