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-Siobhán is the creatress and facilitator of Kindred Womancraft which aims to reconnect women with their truth, power, and purpose. Facilitating one-on-one work and creating events that nourish a deeper way of being with the world as a doorway into belonging. Siobhan has many years of experience in holding sacred spaces and ceremonies. Both individually supporting women through pregnancy birth and postpartum, and collectively, in Women's Circles, Workshops & Retreats.She provides soul-centric and earth-based care in all that she does.

-Allison is a former Registered Music Therapist of 16 years who left the Allied Health industry in 2021 in order to align her work more deeply with culturally responsive practices and to switch her focus from individual change to socio-cultural change. Allison provides support and education around the topics of childhood brain development and the use of music as a regulatory tool. Being an autistic person herself, Allison works within a neurodiversity framework that favors deep acceptance and regulation over assimilation and intervention, sharing her lived experience of autism openly within her work with her ‘emotive storytelling mixed with science’ approach to education.