Sound Alchemy

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This event is lead by Denise Prendergast, who has worked professionally in the wellbeing and personal transformation industry since 2008. 

Denise is known as an Harmonic voice Alchemist, Light code healer, master key coder, catalyst and accelerator of Soul remembrance,  well respected for her own style of healing called Sound Alchemy.   She  does energy healing and sound healing, breathwork, body work and reflexology,  DNA and Soul activations, and offers Spiritual guidance and coaching.

She has a gift for activating people's unique Light language, guiding them as they remember and reconnect with the magickal and transformational power of their languages of the Light, and also as an incredible healing Gift and Tool that they can access at will.   She loves to see the Joy and recognition they feel, and sense of 'coming Home', Her other passion is breathwork as it has been transformational in her own life and also the catalyst for her spiritual awakening, and is a simple yet powerful tool that anyone can use  to achieve greater relaxation, energy, and overall well-being.