Stef Crowley

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Hi, I'm Stef

You could describe me best as a spiritual and life activator.
I operate a light-filled clinic space in early Papamoa helping people free themselves from many sorts of pain, stuckness and limitation.

I mix healing modalities to best assist the people who come to see me.  
A qualified remedial massage therapist of 20 years, Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner for 15 years.

I am grateful to bring in these and many other tools to help people further themselves in life and on their spiritual journey.

My group workshops are usually super filled with practical info and are fun.

The Sound Journeys ( which are a blend of activated meditation, sound and Reiki balancing ) I hold monthly, at ReDefined Gym space are a way for people wanting clearing, healing, furthering of themselves; to have a space to come and receive that at an affordable cost.

I look forward to meeting you and be of service with the highest intentions in flow.