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A little about myself.

My name is SuSana I was born in Aotearoa or New Zealand and from a very early age, I remember laying in my basinet and wondering what planet I had landed on. I knew for sure, that we have the power to create heaven on earth, much to the disgust of my Catholic school priests. Little did I know then, how profound this innocent realisation was.

I'm a creative free spirit at heart, my imagination and my wonderment of the natural world, is my happy place and music and dance feeds my soul. My work has always involved creativity, whether as an artist, a designer or in healing modalities.

 My curiosity and thirst for meaning and understanding of why I was here, lead me down many spiritual paths, until I found a teacher who introduced me to the knowledge of my heart, and that what I had been searching for was inside of me! I was finally home, peace was inside of me. This was not a teaching or a dogma, but a real felt experience, nothing in my life had given me this. As happy as I was for many years in this practise, I knew there was so much more I needed learn, and I had deep yearnings, intuitive memories and messages from spirit, beckoning me to journey deeper into wisdom and understanding of my mission here on planet Earth.

It wasn't until I experienced great loss, trauma, a massive event, when I was plunged into the depths of despair, that I was forced to really look at myself. This momentous event was like a crystal sword that had pieced my soul, and yet even though it was a really painful, lonely time in my life, I had this very strong sense of knowing that it was something I needed to go through, in which to grow and transform. It was the duality of life, of not being able to know light without knowing darkness... and that everything was going to be ok.

During this time of healing, my medicine was dance. I would play music, let fly, spin, twirl, boogie, until  ecstatic joy flooded my being. This magic is what inspired me to start "Dance for joy" here in Maleny. I created this space to share my passion and love of dance, music and connecting with my soul family... my way of raising the vibrations of light, love and JOY in my community and beyond.

I've since completed my Dancing Freedom facilitator training, which brought me the wisdom and understanding of why and how the power of dance can transform lives. I cannot recommend this training enough and it has been one of a number of truly epic life changing journeys my heart chose.

From now on I choose to listen to my heart, it's been the best advice, I've ever given myself.

There are so many people, places and experiences I could mention that have deeply changed me, but I'll leave you with a little mystery for now, so hopefully I might be able to surprise you in the future. In the mean time, come check out an event, so we can meet or come along to my regular Monday morning dance sessions in Maleny, it's an awesome way start to your day and fill your cup with JOY !!

I am forever grateful for my life

With love, light and joy