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The Sydney Chinese Orchestra is the most professional ethnic orchestra active in Sydney. The orchestra is composed of a group of top-notch traditional Chinese instrument players living in Sydney, as well as Western musicians who have a passion for Chinese culture.

Since its establishment, the Sydney Chinese Orchestra has greatly raised the overall level of Chinese music in Sydney, delivering Chinese music to the multicultural community of Sydney through various artistic approaches. This allows overseas Chinese to not only listen to familiar ethnic music but also experience the confidence of Chinese culture.

The Sydney Chinese Orchestra not only uses new artistic techniques to interpret traditional Chinese music but also spares no effort in recording traditional folk music forms, such as traditional wind and percussion music, erhu duets, Cantonese music, and Qin-style music, in order to pass on traditional Chinese music. In addition, the Sydney Chinese Orchestra collaborates with several Australian composers to premiere their new works, providing musicians from different backgrounds around the world with an experimental platform to explore Chinese culture.