Tanya Hallett

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Tanya’s goal for founding TIPT was to create psychologically safe, diverse, and inclusive workplaces after working within the complex trauma space for more than a decade.

She is a qualified secondary teacher/trainer with a Cert IV in WHS and a Cert IV in TAE. Tanya has worked as a teacher and trainer for 20 years, spending six years working in Japan. For the past thirteen years she has worked with adolescents and adults who suffer from complex trauma in some of Perth’s hardest to staff schools.

Tanya is a passionate advocate for mental health and trauma informed practice in schools and workplaces. She has lived experience of PTSD, Anxiety/Depression, and sexual assault and sexual harassment, is aΒ Mental Health First AidΒ Instructor and strongly believes education and training is essential to creating psychologically safe workplaces.

β€œI have dealt with many disclosures of the years and trauma informed practice is an essential part of building trust with victims of trauma, showing compassion and empowering individuals to be part of their healing journey. How people are dealt with in their most vulnerable moments sticks with them forever and can propel recovery or set them back completely.” Tanya identified the gap in trauma training which exists for employees and leaders within the corporate sector.

β€œWith the changing legislation around psychosocial hazards and the Positive Duty Act, there is an urgent need for workplaces to become psychologically safer. Trauma Informed Training Programs can give leaders and employees the education and tools they need to navigate this new space, reduce stress and the need for mental leave and workers compensation claims.”