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The Tasmanian Refugee Legal Service (TRLS) is a not-for-profit organisation established to provide migration-related legal services to refugees, migrants, asylum seekers and other humanitarian entrants in the Tasmanian community. Due to their circumstances, these clients may otherwise be unable to access legal assistance that is free, or available in Tasmania.

TRLS is the only dedicated refugee, migrant, asylum seeker and humanitarian entrant legal service in Tasmania. TRLS addresses an access-to-justice gap that manifests from the unique circumstances of this cohort. TRLS’ legal services significantly improves the operation of the justice system for persons residing in Tasmania who would otherwise be without access to legal services.

The Family Violence Migration Service (FVMS) is a free and confidential legal service delivered by the Tasmanian Refugee Legal Service.

The FVMS provides migration advice and casework assistance to victim/survivors of family violence who are on temporary visas and whose visa status may be impacted by the family violence or by the breakdown of their relationship.