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Tegan is on a mission to support female leaders to boldly and confidently express themselves to share their gifts with the world.Β Connect to their essence as a whole woman so they can create deeper connectionsΒ and become more magnetic in business, relationships and live the life they deeply desire.Β 

Tegan is aΒ Feminine MagnetismΒ & Magnetic WomanΒ Transformational Coach and Speaker, she has toured Australia with the Mind Body Spirit Festival as their Manifestation speaker and event host.Β 

She was also the originalΒ founder of internationally worn crystal jewellery label,Β Soul Quartz. Tegan is also soon to be featured as anΒ internationalΒ TEDx speaker.

Tegan has supported over 2500 people with her manifestation courses, workshops and events; opened 2 retail boutiques in prominent tourist locations (Noosa and Burleigh Heads) with her previous jewellery brand which she grew from the ground up and sold over 100,000 pieces of jewellery globally.Β 

Tegan loves supporting other female leaders

I love supporting successful entrepreneurs upgrade and expand beliefs of what's possible by diving intoΒ quantum energetics, intuition and manifestation to accelerateΒ  andΒ amplify an abundant lifeΒ of design. Full of their joy and desires.

Tegan is also passionate about creating aesthetic spaces,Β diving intoΒ human design, sunrise beach mornings,Β fitness training, personal growth andΒ  and wellness.Β