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The Bridge Project: DADS is a brave space created by dads for dads (and dads-to-be) to come and reflect on their own personal journeys as fathers, their joy, fears, frustrations and hopes. It is a bridge that enables the passage of ideas, it connects dads from different places, it enables help to be connected, and it reduces isolation. Our aim is to support each other by sharing our experiences and by just listening to each other. Our purpose is to create a community of loving dads who share values such as compassion, personal growth, respect and responsibility.

If you have a tool that is working for you, share it here. If the tool is not working share it too, we might learn from it & polish it together.

Established 4th September 2020

ABN: 572 2780 5723

Phone: 0401137014

Fremantle, Western Australia