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Vicky Turner is a Visionary, Intuitive, Shapeshifter and Community Developer.  She is also is a student of Ashtanga Yoga for almost 20 years and has held space & facilitated groups both in Australia & internationally since 2013.  Yoga completely changed her life, and she radically shifted her life's orientation by deepening her relationship to herself through the consistent practice of this method.

Vicky was introduced to Circling in early 2020 and studied with The Circling Institute under tutorage of Guy Sengstock, Jon Cotton and Korenna Reynard. She has completed both Level 1 (Practitioner) & 2 (Facilitator) Programs.  

Vicky feels both of these practices complement each other and works guiding people through the transformational process as a Coach, Mentor and Teacher.

Michael Winnel is a Deep thinker, Strategist, Facilitator, Networker and Social Activist, protecting Children's rights.  

Following a highly successful career in Pharmaceuticals in Sydney and New York, Michael has, since the mid 2000s run an Australian Humanitarian project and developed and co-facilitates a global collective of Worldwide Organisations, on a mission to protect children against the harms of circumcision.

Michael has extensively studied NLP (to Master Coach level) (The Coaching Room), Circling (TCI), and is currently a student of Alethia Coaching. Michael trained with The Circling Institute since early 2020 under the mentorship of Guy Sengstock, Jon Cotton & Korenna Reynard and is certified in the Level 1 (Practitioner) & 2 (Facilitator) Programs.