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Kia ora e hoa. 

Nau mai ki The Good Day Matrix

Around here, we are whānau and we invite you to join us to be part of a pretty special and game changing mission.
We are a purpose led wellbeing organisation relentlessly focused on positive long term outcomes for every person and every business in Aotearoa.

It’s no secret that wellbeing should be at the forefront of our thinking every single day, because it is our compass. But somewhere in the challenges, in the busy and in the day to day flurry of life, it doesn’t just fall off our priority list, it gets set on fire and left for dust while we keep moving towards yet another thing on our ‘to-do’ list.

The Good Day Matrix supports the wellbeing of people and businesses throughout Aotearoa with resources like videos, podcasts and exercise sessions to inspire curiosity. We also add enormous value by providing leadership and coaching programs to empower businesses to transform, prioritise and strengthen how they authentically support wellbeing for their teams.  

We advocate for prevention and connection. We are not the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. We are the people waving signs, as you drive up the hill towards the edge, encouraging you to make a u-turn ASAP.  Thriving wellbeing is not a nice to have. We all impact each other's wellbeing and we need to work together to expand and light up wellbeing pathways for our people in any way we can. 

For every person. For every business. Wellbeing is infinite. It is constantly evolving. There is no end. And Everyone is different.

To have resilient shock absorbers in the face of all the changes and turns life brings we all need to take a long term approach to prioritising thriving wellbeing for ourselves and our people - ensuring we value it and re-orientate ourselves to things that energize us amidst the challenges, the busy and flurry. Every single day.

Thriving wellbeing sets the stage for growth - And we’re here for the mission!