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The Workshop Series:

The Ironing Maidens present a new show Hot & Heavy at Cairns Fest. This workshop program will deliver workshops in electronic music, songwriting, dance and improvisation for local communities and participants aged 15 years and over,  in August. Participants of the workshops will learn new skills, meet new people and get creative.  They can also learn routines and songs from the live show and can join the community ensemble of the show, performing at Cairns Festival 25 & 27 August. 

The Show:

Hot & Heavy by The Ironing Maidens: An immersive, interactive experience, part installation, part performance, part banging dance party. A speculative fabulation. A non-binary, de-capitalised, de-colonised, de-extinction future imagining. 

Hot & Heavy is an aural, visual and sensory experience that invites you to lose your friends, go deep and shake free. Explore this queer new world where domesticity has been made strange, appliances are defamiliarised and the casual horrors of human production lines and capitalist consumption are vividly transformed. In a landscape of real world glitches, the lines between performer and audience blur and break, bodies move en masse and the unifying power of a dance floor infects the crowd. Hot & Heavy is the search for multiple new futures, yearning to find utopia within the banging beat of a broken down washing machine. 

A surge of immersive sound design and projected, augmented interiors, performance art, dance, aerialists, an ironing board electronic band and banging beats; this is not your usual Friday night out. Hot & Heavy will electrify Cairns City on the 25th and 27th August as a world premiere of The Ironing Maidens newest and most ambitious performance event yet. 

This project has been commissioned through the Local Giants Program, a partnership between Regional Arts Australia, PAC and Performing Lines, and Cairns Regional Council. Development funded by Australia Council for the Arts. Community engagement funded by Cairns Regional Council through the RADF Major Round The project is funded and managed by Shiny Shiny Productions, a feminist, queer led, regional production company.