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The Perth Birth Link is a new service based in Rockingham helping pregnant women and new

mothers build their village. After giving birth to our second babies and attending our CHN

mothers groups we found a lot a vulnerable woman who were searching for connection and

support, unfortunately a lot of the information these women were receiving was out of date or

just a little too late. This is when we had the idea to start The Perth Birth Link, we want to get

women together while they are still pregnant to try and build that village before they give birth,

and then have the same network to return too when they are post-partum. With birth trauma

rates skyrocketing across the country its now more than ever that women need to come together

and support each other in our most vulnerable moments.

Often when you have a baby, you expect family to come out of the woodwork and rally around

you, however for many, that is not the case. A village and support network needs to be built and

consist of many different people and support workers. When I had my son I didn’t know what a

lactation consultant was, I didn’t know I could access one for free, I was just biting a towel when I

fed because it was so painful. Same with a pelvic health physio, I had no idea there were these

services available to me as I didn’t have any new mothers in my life to share this information.