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With Jenna from The Seed Collective and Founder of Meals 4 Mummas.

Jenna is a birth, postpartum and end of life doula and runs The Seed Collective, a holistic well-being consultancy specialising in in-home support services when going through a life transition, she is a Mother to Willow, Riley and Micah and married to Allister. Jenna has studied nutrition for fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum and uses all of this knowledge along with combining various traditional postpartum methods and foods into founding Meals 4 Mummas in 2019. Jenna has made it her mission to educate and share knowledge on what the postpartum period brings and how to optimise healing, bonding and breastfeeding after giving birth.  As her journey as a birth keeper deepens so does her offerings and she now brings other rites of passage and ceremony into these transitions.   You can learn more about Jenna at