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Danielle Smith

Danielle is a Spinal Energetics Practitioner and Energy Healer and a Diploma-qualified Integral Sound Healer. She has been offering shamanic sound journeys, relaxing sound baths, Sacred Cacao and Blue Lotus ceremonies and 1:1 Sound and Energy Healing for the past 5 years. Danielle became qualified as a Physiotherapist after leaving school and has worked in that field, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the human body, for over 25 years. In that time she had a spiritual awakening and through her own healing journeys, as well as her intuitive 'knowing', came to realise that healing occurs on multiple levels and planes of existence - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Danielle evolved her bodywork treatments to include intuitively channeled energy healing and 1:1 Sound Healing, as well as Aromatouch massage, which works on specific energy channels (or meridians), and most recently expanded into Spinal Energetics. 

Danielle is passionate about and dedicated to helping all individuals reach their highest potential on many levels, to achieve an optimal state of wellbeing. Not only by assisting the body on a physical level, this may also be through releasing all that no longer serves, transmuting trauma and imbalances within the body, and facilitating conscious living. 

Danielle is also committed to maintaining her own inner healing, continually learning to further expand her knowledge and maintaining spiritual practices, to continue to evolve as a healer, as well as helping to raise the vibrational frequency on earth. 

Gina Cardenas

'Gee' is a sound healer and energy facilitator, with the mission of channeling the energy that is ready to be unlocked, enlightened and manifested for the highest purpose.

Gee plays crystal singing bowls and other sound healing instruments, combined with intuitive energy channeling and guided meditation. She aims to hold a safe and light space for individuals and large groups of people to clear and elevate their energy and perception and be empowered to transform their reality.

Gee has been working intuitively with energy, and connecting with spirit in different forms, since she was a child. Throughout her life she has been studying and practicing different practitioner and facilitator techniques including Shamanic drumming journeys, Holographic Kinetics, Quantum jumping and Angel Intuitive, to connect directly with spirit and guides.

She dedicates her life to heal systems and people, to discover the highest potential and bring a brighter loving and more sustainable present and future for all beings.

Camilo Parra

Having enjoyed a very successful career with Monsieur Perine (Latin Grammy winner for New Best Artist in 2015), 'Cami' moved to Sydney in 2019 where he continues creating, producing, playing, researching and teaching music daily. Since 2019, has been a regular performer for a long list of clients and at many venues around Sydney and Australia-wide. Respected by his colleagues for his music skills and loved by people for his energetic performances, Cami is setting new standards in the industry.

Cami Parr is a professional muso with a unique blend of styles that allows him to be involved with different projects and musicians around Australia. Multi-intrumentalist, producer, Dj, Music Teacher, Sound Healer and CEO of Kopelli Winds, he is one of the most active musicians in the music Industry.

In terms of Sound Healing, Cami has been collaborating with Danielle and Gina for over one year now and brings in a very special offering. He has the ability to combine his passion and for music, spirituality, and extensive musical skills into a profound healing experience for all. Cami's incredible flute sounds, as well as his hand pan rhythms, are an absolute symphony for the soul.