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The Ultimate Driving Museum is a division of the BMW CCA Foundation which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission of "Saving Lives, Saving History". We fulfill the Foundations mission of Saving History through our archives. Holding over 80,000 items in its repository, The Ultimate Driving Museum is now the second largest BMW archives in the world!

Each year the exhibit theme changes at The Ultimate Driving Musuem, but is always focused on BMW everything! The walls are clad with BMW memorabilia from art hanging on the walls, car sculptures, racing trophies, model cars and more! The vehicles are loaned to The Ultimate Driving Museum from private owners, as well as BMW NA.

The Saving Lives is driven by the Tire Rack Street Survival program and teaches teens driving skill in their high level car control clinics. Each year thousands of teens go through this program that teaches, empowers, and builds the self confidence of each teen so they can make experienced choices while driving. This makes the roads safer for you as well as them.

Each ticket purchased for our events benefit the BMW CCA Foundation, from grand openings of the newest exhibit to dinner galas and partnered events with The BMW Performance Center. The events include many BMW enthusiasts, as well as BMW dignitaries and the occasional race car driver. All are invited to join us for events or admission to the current exhibit.