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A 22 year old Australian family-owned company with a passion for design that transcends trends. Here at top3 by design, we provide timeless, exceptional creations that enhance your everyday life. To bring this commitment to life, we've set some fundamental principles that guide everything we do. Firstly, all our furniture is meticulously crafted in Europe, ensuring a standard of excellence that stands out. Equally important is our dedication to non-toxic, affordable quality across all top3 items, a promise reflected in the premium materials such as the top-grade fabrics and hides from Freifrau the Janua vintage oaks and the exceptional 30-year warranty offered by Bordbar. From accessories to furniture and interior styling services, our mission is to assist design-loving customers to buy less and buy better.

Our Philosophy: Form + Function, Sustainability, and Innovation
At top3, we've embraced a philosophy that revolves around curating design pieces that seamlessly blend form and function, uphold sustainability, and embody innovation. Our global pursuit of these exceptional items leads us to showcase them in our prestigious showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, and our 24/7 online store.

Authenticity is Our Hallmark
Top3 is synonymous with authentic design. Our showrooms proudly feature only original products, and our commitment to authenticity extends to our pricing strategy.