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I'm Victor, a passionate advocate for Restorative Justice and a dedicated champion of equitable learning spaces for black and brown students. With a deep understanding of our educational system, I have actively pursued opportunities to effect positive change and amplify the voices of marginalized communities.

As an influential voice in the field, I have been honored to my their expertise and experiences on esteemed platforms such as the Leading Equity Summit, Cult of Pedagogy, and Learning for Justice (formerly Teaching for Tolerance). Through these interviews, I have tried to communicate a message of hope that could inspire educators and stakeholders to embrace Restorative Justice principles and work toward transformative educational practices.

Recognizing the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing, I have actively participated in numerous conferences over the past few years. Notable events include the California Association of Professors of Education Administration conference, the National Restorative Justice Conference, and the Nevada Cue Conference. These engagements have provided opportunities to present groundbreaking ideas, share best practices, and engage with a diverse network of educators striving for equity and justice in education.

Fuelled by a profound commitment to social justice, I firmly believe in the potential of Restorative Justice to create inclusive and nurturing learning environments for all students. I aim to challenge systemic inequities and dismantle barriers that hinder black and brown students' academic and personal growth.