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Vigilance is an immersive theater group dedicated to creating intimate, experiential productions in Pittsburgh. Drawing inspiration from high art and pop culture alike, Vigilance is determined to explore the boundaries and possibilities of the growing immersive theater movement. 

Vigilance Theater Group was founded by Sean Collier, Dana Custer, Ariella Furman, and Renee Rabenold. Since 2018 Vigilance has produced original immersive productions in site-specific locations, mini interactive theatrical experiences, and yearly Vigilance Cabaret Fundraisers.

The central themes of our works have emerged organically. We have created conversations on the effects of power structures, the inhumanity of class divides, the haunting effects of violence, and the challenges of action in an era of injustice. While our works are meant as entertainment, we constantly seek to ensure that the messages and meanings are clear and always in pursuit of encouraging more equitable worldviews in our audiences.