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Wayfarers Australia was started in 1997 by composer, choral conductor and music educator Judith Clingan AM. Judith brought together students, parents and teachers from several Steiner / Waldorf schools in eastern Australia to encourage teenagers, particularly boys, to enjoy singing choral music in four parts (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). The choir has grown to include performers from around the world, particularly Taiwan.

Our repertoire stretches across the last thousand years of European music, from Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic, to 20th century and contemporary music, both sacred and secular. We venture among the folk traditions of many cultures. We often incorporate other art forms, such as instrumental music, drama, dance, puppetry and visual art, to create exciting musical theatre events.

A core purpose of Wayfarers is to share this experience as travelling performers and teachers of choral music and music theatre. Tours are low budget, making it possible to share performances with diverse audiences. We give workshops, mainly in Steiner schools, and aim to let children of all ages (both primary and high school) as well as adults, experience all elements of music and drama, including not only singing and acting but also instrumental ensemble work and some music history.The group has undertaken tours around Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe and Asia, giving workshops and performances in Waldorf-Steiner schools and with other music-loving communities.