Yazdi Daruwalla

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Sifu Yazdi Daruwalla was the Head Instructor for the Shaolin Wahnam School, in the United Arab Emirates. He started as a student in the Shaolin Wahnam School in 2008, 

after practicing two years diligently from Grandmaster Wong’s website (www.shaolin.org) and books. Initially he needed to ensure that he would dedicate his time regularly and would do justice to this great art.

He has subsequently attended many courses conducted by Grandmaster Wong in Malaysia. He is now a certified instructor with the Shaolin Wahnam School.

In his thirties and forties, he suffered chronic back pain, was low in energy and morale. 

By practicing high level Chi Kung, he has overcome his back problems and feels young and energetic.

He has helped students overcome pain, sickness and depression.

He is extremely passionate about the Shaolin Arts and devotes his spare time practicing and teaching Chi Kung to others. He strongly believes that by regularly practicing high level Chi Kung, one can alleviate any “so called” incurable illness while achieving good health, vitality and longevity.