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TASTER SESSION: Innovation Transformation Programme Cohort #2

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Join us for a free information/taster session. 
If you are interested in signing up for our 10-week programme (2hrs per week), register your interest here and we'll be in touch.

Embrace the power of micro-practices to transform your work - one experiment at a time.

Do you feel constrained by the ways of working around you? 
Do you find it difficult to move things forward in a positive way? 
Do you feel your creativity and ability to innovate are stifled? 
Do you want to "nudge" some change?

We know from experience that no matter who and where you are in the organisation, YOU can be the one who starts the journey of cultural change by introducing new deeply human micro-practices (AKA "rituals") into your teams' work. Teams around the world and Aotearoa have tested and proven, documented, and open-sourced them, and we have curated the best of them for you. Experimenting with just a few of them will immediately have a surprisingly strong leverage effect on your team culture to become more free, fast, flat, and fearless (to quote Gary Hamel's "Humanocracy").
This programme is designed for individuals and teams to introduce new ways of working to your team through small yet powerful incremental changes, one experiment at a time.

Key areas we'll tackle

New Ways of Working - Self Leadership - Trust  - Connection  - Lifelong Learning - Experimentation - Celebration

Who should attend and why?

Seasoned Leaders: Adapt to a new way of working and leading to leverage your wisdom and experience

Leaders: Develop a proactive and self-responsible culture for productivity and innovation and practising a new leadership style 

Teams: Seek new, fresher, more connected ways and tools of working together collaboratively

Self-organising and Volunteer Teams: Come as a team to soothe friction to  co-create positive impact 

Team Members: Shift the culture around you to create more freedom to operate and innovate 

Experience Designers: Maximise your team’s diversity, creativity, and productivity for innovation

Product Managers: Build a culture conducive to creating new products and experiences 

Project Managers: Create a team culture of collaboration and velocity to meet project outcomes

Software Providers: Build bridges across silos from development to pre/sales, to implementation - to support maximum user satisfaction and organisational efficiency

How does it work?

We will co-create a journey with the cohort. You can expect to meet for 2 hours every week for 10 weeks and experience around 30 simple new ways of working (micro-practices) in a real team setting within your safe cohort. Then you'll select one or two of these and experiment with them in your workplace - with us and your peers supporting you in the background. In this way, you can lead the change you want to see and liberate the creative energy in both yourself and the people around you. You’ll activate trust, connection, and collaboration and become more resilient, adaptable, and innovative.  

Even better, come with a colleague or two.

JOIN US: Experiential Online Course
COMMITMENT: 2 hours p/w for 10 weeks
START DATE: July/August. Exact date TBC

Change Starts With You

The secret to continual relevance is continual transformation. To move forward, we must continue to adapt and change both how we work and how we serve people. We believe that every one of us is an innovator and responsible for the culture at work – because change starts with individuals.

We’ll show you how to catalyse these 9 essential principles and why:

  1. Purpose-centric - Maximise impact and fulfilment
  2. Trust and Freedom - Work from your authentic self
  3. Distributed Leadership - Harness collective intelligence
  4. Inspiring and Supportive Leadership - Envision and reach potential together
  5. Radical Transparency - Optimise inclusivity and productivity
  6. Community and Connection - Co-create in diverse ecosystems
  7. Participatory Culture - Activate passion and agility
  8. Lifelong Learning - Grow continuously into your passion and potential
  9. Experimentation Culture - Push boundaries at speed

Catalyst Hosts

We walk the talk.

Your facilitators, Lani DoddsLeslie Hamilton, and Sandra Otto, have worked internationally in and with large organisations and small startups. They run their own future-of-work style enterprise.  As a self-managed purpose-led business, Future of Work Collective co-creates innovative transformation experiences that help people shift their workplace culture by shifting their mindsets and ways of working. 

If you still wonder how micro-practices that take a few minutes can transform you, your team, and your organisation, trust us, it works, we've been there! We are simply passing on all that we've learned along the way.

How will this programme help your personal and professional development?

You'll grow multiple competencies: knowledge, skills, values, and mindsets

Digital Competencies 

• Use engaging online meeting and facilitation tools and practices 
• Be productive using synchronous and asynchronous collaboration tools and practices
• Experiment with collective idea and intelligence gathering tools
• Reflect using simple retrospective tools

People Competencies  

• Expand your self-leadership and authenticity 
• Own and manage your lifelong learning
• Leverage your mindset of growth and positivity
• Manage uncertainty and complexity
• Build trust in self, others, and life
• Deepen your connections with people

Experimentation Competencies
• Design and run successful experiments
• Engage people in collective ideation, decision-making, and retrospectives
• Build real-time synchronous and asynchronous collaboration

Innovative Format

Leverage the value of both course and conference experiences

Our programme is designed to harness post-2020 ways of meeting, learning, and working. It combines the benefits of online cohort-based, experiential learning courses with knowledge transfer and networking conferences. It's highly collaborative, exploratory, and aligned with our lifelong learning principles.  

Learn by doing

10% knowledge transfer (knowledge nuggets in labs)
20% 1-on-1 and team mentoring and coaching.
70% doing, experimenting, doing, sharing about doing, Q&As about doing, retrospects about doing. Together and individually.

A private Slack community

Continuously connect in a private community space for sharing and discussion both during your programme and after it has ended. 


Create immediate value as you learn 

Over the 10 weeks, you will get inspired and confident in using simple micro-practices. You'll share and learn with your cohort and experiment with your teams at work. You will co-create your learning while learning to co-create.

Transform at a sustainable pace

2 hours per week over 10 weeks, allows you to fit your learning into a busy week whilst also integrate the transformational changes more deeply.

Zoom and Slack will enable us to learn and connect.

After the programme is over, you can continue to use your Slack community for continuous learning and networking into the future. Plus you can continue your journey by joining our regular public Labs, Conversation Cafés and Peer Circles.

You will unleash your natural ability to continuously grow and step into the always-changing, future of work.

What do our Alumni say about our Labs?

"They were great and it was uber helpful from an inside-out process to see and gain ideas and learn how to frame them and facilitate them."

"Lots of wonderful learning, thank you. 
I had such a great time - it was so informative. And rather inspirational too. It felt very professional. "

"This was a fun experience. I really appreciated exploring simple practices that can change my energy and that I can use to help others change theirs."


    Boost productivity and Innovation through culture


    • 1 cohort of max. 22 corporate & entrepreneurial innovators 
    • 3 culture catalysts experienced in new ways of working (your hosts) 

    PRACTICAL LEARNING based on cutting-edge theory 

    • 6 x 2-hour Interactive Labs
    • 4 weeks of mentored applied experimentation
    • No pre-work, tests or formal assessments


    • Meet for 10 weeks rhythmically / 2 hours per week
    • 3 hours of mentoring/coaching sessions 
    • A private Slack community

    Book the Dates

    Teal highlights are core commitments. All sessions are live on Zoom. 
    Day and rhythm: to be defined as a cohort.


    Week 1
    KICKOFF with Starter Lab

    Week 2
    Transformation Check-In: Coaching Session to set learning

    Week 3
    Self Leadership Lab

    Week 4
    Lifelong Learning Lab 

    Week 5
    Trust Lab

    Week 6
    Connection Lab


    Week 7
    Experimentation Lab

    Self-Directed: Experimentation in action with mentoring or coaching session

    Week 8
    Self-Directed: Experimentation in action

    Week 9
    Self-Directed: Experimentation in action


    Week 10
    Transformation Check-Out: Coaching Session to review your and your team's transformation

    CELEBRATION LAB and Certificate 

    See our website for 
    dates of other programmes and events.

    About the Money

    Return the Value within Your Means 

    To make our learning experiences available to everyone while also honouring the professionalism and experience of our Future of Work Collective catalysts, we invite you to pay what you feel is a fair exchange within your means:

    Tickets (excluding GST):  $1500 (standard) |  $2000 (buy1-sponsor1 - help us support less financially able to attend) | $500 (people with small budgets) | $4000 (team pass for 3) | scholarships

    To get funded by your employer, please ask us for support letters.

    • If the standard rate is difficult right now, you are welcome to pay the subsidised rate, ask for a payment plan or apply for a scholarship
    • For team passes, please email us to pay by invoice.
    • If you/your organisation can help another participant, we welcome your generous contribution by buying a Buy1-Sponsor1 ticket
    • Also please consider gifting a seat to someone you know who could benefit from the support
    • If you are overseas, send us an email so we can invoice you without GST

    Want to know more?

    Book a free 30-min Zoom Conversation or 
    Contact us at if you would like to talk to us about any of the below:

    • custom-designed programmes for your team
    • apply for a scholarship
    • an interest-free payment plan
    • any other questions or ideas

    30-day Money-Back Guarantee

    Based on our participants’ experiences, we know our learning experiences are effective and participants fully contributing to the experience get back far more than they put into it.

    Creating value for you is our #1 goal and we want this decision to be 100% risk-free for you. If you decide our programme didn’t deliver on its promise for any reason, just let us know within the first 30 days and we’ll refund your full payment.

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