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July Super Women Activation Portal - Mini Day Retreat

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Super Women Activation Portal for ambitious conscious women to upgrade the body, mind and soul to unlock more energy, more time and more quantum human potential.

If you have a mission but your body doesn’t always have the energy to deliver to the potential you know you can, if you find yourself working harder to get better results, if your confidence waivers but deep down you know you are here to make a bigger impact OR if you are just desiring an body and energy upgrade each month so you can kick arse in any area of your life.

These Super Women Activation Portals are for you.

⚡️Clear dense energy, optimise your energy field and awaken up to 95% more energy. Cultivate your energy, drawing on untapped sources so you can channel into your souls work.

⚡️ Integrate your source/quantum/akashic opening up soul memory and purpose, activating dormant DNA and realigning your life for more peace and joy.

⚡️Connect with other super women on a mission to create impact and influence through embodiment of their souls purpose.

⚡️Awaken your quantum feminine flow, your ability to do less and achieve more. To work smarter rather than harder freeing up time, energy and space for your family and all the other joys you wish to explore in this life.  

This new event is not for the faint hearted. Calling women who desire more from their body so their heart and soul can be fully expressed. Women who are prepared to step into the unknown, wholeheartedly committed to the portal for themselves and the other women in the group.

What you can expect each event:

✨Targeted Breathwork:

Clear the body, mind, emotional and energy bodies, increase life-force energy and balance and optimise the bodies operating systems for better immune health, metabolic function, reproductive, digestion and integration of quantum self.

✨ Icebath

Upgrade the bodies operating systems and restore balance to neurotransmitters and hormones. Increase happy hormones and metabolism, reduce inflammation, stimulate the immune systems, lymphatic and blood circulation flushing out toxins and invigorating new body life. Improve the bodies tolerance to stress and environment and restore thyroid and metabolic health.

✨ Cacao Ceremony and Quantum Re-connection

Awakening our deep relationship with Mother Earth and mother cacao a visionary journey connecting with the quantum self and other women in the space to form a vibrational network of support and super powers to quantum leap your vision.

✨ Energy Sound Healing

A unique sound healing offering intentionally crafted to clear energy, restore natural vibration and awaken soul remembrance. Beautifully orchestrated sound backdrop of chakra crystal bowls, shamanic drumming, flute, kalimba, shakers, hand drum and more with coded singing bringing through light language activations, a mix between shamanic earth frequencies and high frequencies galactic codes.

✨ Warm Nourishing Gluten/Grain Free and Vegan Meal

Enjoy a warm nourishing and wholesome meal in circle around the fire to rest, recharge and refuel the body.

A journey from deeply activated and energised to grounded visionary re-connection and closing in rested expansion before awakening anew.

Leave feeling deeply recharged, activated, inspired, energised and clear to take bold steps in your life to embody your fullest quantum human potential.

"Today I invested into my Self Growth 🙏
I attended a Super Women's Activation Portal with 10 other powerful Women...
I was nervous, but my excitement for my growth was louder! So many feelings came through and feelings and blocks i let go of. But I felt so supported and safe in this space today. And hey I did my first ice bath today, easy 3 mins and I can say I can't wait for the next one!🙌 .... am So grateful for the beautiful space that was held for me today thanks Natalee Neill and Mindy Jay for such a magical experience 🙏💜"

"Natalee holds phenomenal space I was able to connect so deeply so quickly within myself to the most amazing realms. The frequencies and energies were a whole other level and so much shifting, clearing and activating was taking place. With Natalee's support I was able to clear some very old blockages from my throat and heart chakras. I felt so much clearer and stronger within myself.
I am so grateful that I decided to join Natalee's support circle last week. What a powerful, beautiful, pure space. Thank you Natalee"
Vanessa Rutherford

"Words really cannot explain the experience I have each time I go to one of Natalee's energy healing sessions! She is truly an angel sent down for us and her magic that she spreads is truly powerful. Thank you so much for all that you are and that you give, your light shines so bright and we are all so grateful for everything you do. xox" Magida Ezzat

Included in your ticket price for this Mini Day Retreat

🎁 Nourishing organic vegan lunch
🎁 Fair trade organic ceremonial cacao
🎁 Breath-work
🎁 Ice-bath
🎁 Quantum Reconnection meditation and activation
🎁 Energy healing
🎁 Mini fire ceremony and solar plexus fire activation
🎁 Deeply restorative Sound Healing
🎁 Small Super Women Gift to take home and anchor your super women activation in your home and life.

Returning SuperWomen and Concession $129

New Superwomen $149

Rough outline for the day:
930am - Welcome - connect and vision for the day
10am - Targeted breath-work
1045am - Ice-bath
1130am - Cacao ceremony and quantum re-connection
1215pm - Warm nourishing meal around the fire
115pm - Energy Sound Healing
215pm - Close

"It was amazing and very much needed!! Gratitude to both of you for your magic 🤩"---------

NATALEE NEILL - Energy Alchemist 

Natalee Neill is an original biohacker and energy Alchemist, ex athlete, personal trainer, nutritional therapist and metabolism specialist she cultivates years of theoretical and embodied wisdom to activate inspiring women into the next level of themselves. Natalee has also studied level two breath work, sound therapy and cacao ceremony facilitation to deliver a wholesome and integrated event that is like no other.

Natalee awakens light codes and energy through unique processes of clearing and activating the subtle bodies to access 20x more energy and live a life that is light and free.

As well as her transmissions of Light Language, Angelic Harmonies and Quantum Healing, Natalee works with the Chakra's, Quantum Human Design and the Metabolism to personalise and optimise energy for your unique energy blueprint.

A published writer, inspirational speaker, performer, coach and quantum healer, Natalee has activated hundreds of women through her transmissions, events, courses, books, meditations and coaching.

Natalee has studied breathwork, qi-gong, sound therapy, positive psychology specialising in leadership, quantum human design, nutritional therapy, personal training and metabolism optimisation while also immersing herself in many ancient and modern practices.

Natalee is passionate about inspiring and activating ambitious change makers to clear the old, align with their unique personal frequency, ignite the full fire energy within and passionately pursue their mission as an unstoppable ripple of change in a world that needs light-workers to shine their brightest.


- Rebirthing Breathwork, Sound Healing
& Shamanic Transmissions
- Facilitator of the Feminine Embodiment Expressive Arts Training
Mindy is a Sound Healer, Breath Worker, Shamanic Practitioner & Aromatherapist.
In her private practice, she creates ceremonial space for women to alchemise, heal and grow through sacred embodiment rituals. Her greatest joy is connecting women to their true feminine essence & awakening womb-en power.
With a passion for ritual, sound & dance, Mindy's work is shamanic in nature and deeply connected to Pachamama, the elements, breath and somatic practices, that she weaves together to create a profound cellular embodiment of self-love.
Mindy is a trained Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Sound Therapist, Womb Manifestation Coach, Aromatherapist, Rebirthing Breathwork Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner.

Feedback from other events and offerings:

“Nat" Today was legit one if the best days I've had since I was born such a magical thing to finally understand and see where you have come from and to finally feel safe and happy within myself I feel so Free to finally 100% love and trust who I am. For the first time since I have been alive I don't feel lost.”

"I was mesmerised by ’Nats' singing and light language on the weekend! I had an extremely intense lucid dream...and I believe I spoke light language for the first time! I had the pleasure of experiencing Natalee's amazing voice at a sound healing recently, I found her voice was very unique, powerful mesmerising. Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with us all!”

"Experiencing Nat in her element of channeling light language, music and sound stirred a deep knowing within me. It was a remembering. A connection to the other realms. A soul connection. It was other worldly, blissful, beautiful and healing “

“Woooweee i am SO grateful I got to experience Nat in her absolute raw beauty – it truly was something else! I was absolutely blown away by the delicate sounds, the softness that overcame my body and the connection I felt with myself while listening. It was absolutely beautiful.”

“...channeling and light work and sound bowl healing. Im telling you now I will never feel lost again... It was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced"
“So very beautiful and you transmitted the answer to the question I asked the universe this morning, Thank you, thank you”

“Your transmission… pretty powerful hun. I’m New (in this life) to light sounds/words you speak. Some part of me remembered & understood your transmission because this exhausted mumma feels like she’s had a coffee shot!”

"They way Nat connects to the sound causes such gentle shifts. The influx of light codes with Nats voice resonated through my being. Incredible!!..I feel a warmth in my Womb like never before. Along with that connection then to my heart. So powerfully subtle. Thank you Nat”

“Awesome Nat! It seemed so effortless and everything flowed forth without any blocks or uncertainty. Amazing how I now feel that I can make my dreams come true and there is no future, just now. I really do feel empowered and positive”

“This time last year I was at my heaviest ever.. I was unhealthy..I was unfit..I was emotionally eating all the time..I was Completely addicted to sugar..And I wasn’t happy..That was when I was introduced to the beautiful Natalee who has such a unique and holistic way of supporting women to understand their health, hormones, emotions and metabolism at a whole new level Through detoxing the body and mind of old programs, by understanding the science of why the ‘diets’ never worked long term, healing my body and reconnecting with my soul in the last 12 months..-
I have lost 25kg..
– I have improved my relationship with food.
– I am more in tune with my body..
– I can even smile at myself when I look in the mirror”

"Even though I have been clean eating for two years this wasn’t the solution. I have learnt about, stress, cortisol levels, fasting, estrogen and adrenal fatigue… basically how everything links together like a domino effect. Food is medicine and managing eating patterns is certainly the key to feeling more energised, less stressed and stay positive to go all the way. Thank you Natalee for your knowledge, advice and time, I cannot thank you enough!”

"“I love how Natalee can simplify some of the most complex systems of the body through clever analogies and story telling. She cuts through confusing fat loss hype & empowers women with knowledge and practical strategies they can apply immediately.”

"Nat herself, is a gifted beautiful soul with the voice of an angel as she intuitively guides you on a journey with meditation, sound, energy and light language transmissions instinctively knowing what each participant needs. A truly healing experience. Thank you.”

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