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    Key Strategies for Optimizing Sleep & next day Mental Performance

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    Hi.Β  My name is Tanya and I am a Naturopath and Founder of National Clinic of the Year 2021 in Natural Medicine, selected by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society(ATMS).Β  My clinic is home to myself and also to a number of mental health specialists and weΒ work closely with clients who experience anxiety, chronic fatigue, brain fog,Β depression, mood conditions, fertility issuesΒ and more.

    I also work closely with individuals with big lives that need energy, brain power, strategic thinking, calmness under pressureΒ and simply need to get things done (preferably with happiness!).Β  I am sure this sounds familiar to many of you.

    Sleep is massive as it impacts all areas of our life in my opinion!Β  There is a reason sleep deprivation has been used as torture in war timesΒ - quite simply, it works!Β  And there is a reason lack of sleep is now considered the "new carcinogen".Β  The more science understands about the power of sleep for health and wellbeingΒ and the destruction to the body that lack of sleep brings, the more important a good night sleep has become.

    Sometimes, a bad night of sleep is unavoidable.Β  You might have young children, be in menopause, have jet lag or sleep apnoea but in many cases, a bad night of sleep is avoidable and this is where I can hopefuly share some valuable information to help you improve sleep.

    Sometimes you have slept however did you actually enter deep REM sleep?Β  Maybe not as there are things that stop you going into deep REM sleep meaning you wake up feeling tired, as if you had no sleep at all.

    Another part of this webinar is helping you with energy and brain power the day after a bad night of sleep.Β  There is nothing worse than having to endure a busy day on minimal or bad qualityΒ sleep.Β Β 

    In this webinarΒ I also shed light on valuable strategies for day-time energy so you dont make decisions that lead to becoming trapped in the never-ending circuit of no sleep - no daytime energy - no sleep.

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