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Kundalini Awakening, Light Language Ceremony

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Enter the path of devotion with our Membership. Get access to all Kundalini Transmissions and receive more healing during our   full moon ceremony and energetic portals. Access over 25 workshops Monthly for $33 per week. 3 months sign up minimum.

Please contact me directly on 0415 503 148 if you are experiencing financial hardship and would like to attend. Together we rise.

The Kundalini Awakening ceremony is a safe space for human metamorphosis.

A space where you will shade layers of yourself that do not serve your soul expansion. The transmission will purify your sacred vessel and activate dormant parts of your DNA. The awakening of our Kundalini leads to many profound changes, emotional, spiritual, physical and mental. This metamorphosis will continue and accelerate with continued exposure to the frequency.

As a facilitator, I will channel a pure transmission of energy from Source. The resonance of my field will create an energy vortex that will gently activate your Life Force. Source energy is intelligent, you will only receive what you need in that moment.

Among other things, participants report Cathartic experiences, feeling of joy and bliss, body movement and emotional release. All variations of experience during a session, whether monumental or subtle, are perfect exactly as they are. Witness your process, do not judge it; try and quiet your mind and observe the unfolding... 

Kundalini Awakening is a process, it becomes a path of devotion.  The metamorphosis will happen gradually but know that you are on a journey to remember who truly are. 

The Benefits 

  • Emotional and mental Breakthrough 
  • Clears unprocessed “trauma” and emotions from body 
  • Calming effect on mind and body 
  • Helps rewire and regulate nervous system 
  • Expansion of your awareness and consciousness 
  • Feeling energized with increased vitality 
  • Relief of stress and tensions 
  • Awaken intuition and deepen connection to your higher self 
  • Felling of alignment and deep connection with all that is 
  • Awakening of psychic gifts 
  • Remembrance of your true self 

Your journey starts here ♡
No prior experience of any kind is necessary. All you need is to accept for your highest and best good.

1. Introduction & Preparation
2. Transmission 
3. Sharing circle & closing


- Download Zoom and ensure that you have a good internet connection

- Have your headset ready or a good quality speaker

- Lay down on a yoga mat or a comfortable space, please no pillow under your head, your spine needs to be straight

- Ensure that your camera is on, and that I can see your full body or your crown chakra

- Please ensure that your phone is on plane mode and that no one will distract you

– Wears light, loose, and comfortable clothes

– Empty stomach at least 2 hours before the session

– No coffee, alcohol, or use of other substances at least 2 days before. Refrain from consuming meat for 48hrs before and after the session.

- Please do not attend if you have history of psychosis disorder, if you are epileptic or pregnant

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Clients Love

I had the most amazing session with Elodie, I had no idea what to expect and I still can't put into words what exactly happened but I felt so relaxed and taken care of by her and ever since I've felt less anxious, had more energy and I just feel generally stronger! I can't wait to absorb more of this magic! Highly recommend! 

Hayley French

Thank you so much Elodie for the light language and cacao ceremony, it was my first time and I had an amazing spiritual experience ✨🌸 My body was shaking and I received waves of energy, I had a kundalini awakening ✨🐍🌈 It was a really beautiful and empowering experience!! Elodie your are truly an amazing women, I am truly grateful for this life changing experience 🌸🙏💜 I can't wait to discover more of what you have to offer 💜 Clemence Fourel 

I was introduced to Elodie through a friend and I have been lucky to be able to attend at least 4 of Elodie’s events. Her gift is truly unique and transformative. I have released so much trauma from my past lives through the healing gift of her light language. And I have also had the opportunity to bring through my gifts from previous lifetimes. Shortly after I released trauma from previous lifetimes my guides switched and that could’ve been a coincidence but I believe I was ready for the next stage of my development. I can’t thank Elodie enough for the transformation that is taking place daily in my life ❤️Melissa Longuet- Higgins

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