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Kundalini Activation by Zoom

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Event description

Welcome to this Zoom transmission of high-frequency Source energy which activates your Qi life force that’s dormant in each of us, and opens you up to a path of surrender. As we increasingly connect with our own life force energy we’re propelled onto our true path.

In this session you'll experience either KAP or PAX, please check with Claire which one it's going to be. Both are extremely effective and very different modes of healing that will leave you in no doubt about what you’ve just experienced. 

KAP is a more masculine energy which focuses on a general clear out of lower energies - it's like taking a pressure hose to your energy field - but in a good way! You'll actually feel energy move subtly through you as it brings your stubborn blocks, trapped emotions and ancestral patterns to the surface for healing and release. So, if your life's stuck, if certain issues or situations keep coming up over and over, then it's time to get them KAPPED.

PAX is a subtler, more feminine and higher frequency transmission that's a more transcendental experience. It's more focused than KAP and works to resolve the maine issue at the present moment that's preventing you from moving forward. It's been described like receiving ancient grandmother wisdom or being wrapped in a warm blanket and given a hug. The shift experienced in PAX has often been described as an ayuahuasca-like shift in terms of its significance.

What happens?

I usually keep the size of the groups small so that eveyone can have a meaningful experience. You're welcome to keep your camera off if you prefer. Everyone is muted during the healing. I don't put anyone on the spot and make them introduce themselves, and feedback is optional after the healing. You'll also get a chance to ask questions after the healing if you like.

You’ll need a quiet space to lie down and get completely comfortable on your yoga mat or bed while I take you through a 15 minute meditation to get you fully relaxed and in your body. The healing transmission is for a full hour while sacred music takes you on a transcendental journey.

I’ll work on everyone in turn continuously and will work with your chakras and meridians as I focus on clearing your blocks and balancing your energy field. You may feel tingling in your crown, hands, feet; your arms and legs may feel really heavy; you may feel muscle spasms or twinges; and as you trust and surrender you may experience the grace of movement flowing through you.

Afterwards, you'll feel lighter, brighter, more grounded, with a beautiful sense of centredness, balance and Peace. Many people also experience extreme love, joy and bliss. Enjoy the benefits and synchronicities as they start to unfold in your life, and receive more intuitive Soul Guidance.

If you'd like to explore one of the newest, high vibrational frequencies, join me for this powerful transmission.

It's time to change your life...

Duration: 1.5 to 2 Hours.

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