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    Kundalini Yoga EXPANSION

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    Kundalini Yoga EXPANSION 

    Beautiful Deep Heart Opening experience!

    Take a deep breath in, Opening up your lungs.
    Dropping down into your beautiful heart.
    RADIATE from within and EXPAND your magnetic field!!

    You will leave feeling RANDIANT HEART OPEN and Deeply connected to your inner essence!!


    You will be guided through:

    -        Pranayama Breath techniques- (To bring you into present moment, calm your nervous system and boost up with fiery sun energy) 

    -        Asana poses & movements- (To warm up your body and activate your kundalini energy within you)

    -        Chanting mantras- (Sound vibration frequency to open your throat chakra and activate the parasympathetic nervous system)

    -        Kundalini Yoga KRIYA- focused around Opening up the Lungs, Expanding Your Magnetic field and dropping you deeply into a blissful state of self awareness.

    -        Meditation Kriya- (To open up your heart and radiate from within) 

    Closing with:

    -        Relaxation for integration, to nourish your heart and soul.

    -        Open sharing circle 

    -        Herbal teas and Community chats  

    Date: Saturday Evening 7th of October
    Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm (Sun Set Vibes)
    Location: Maida Vale, Perth WA (SOR)
    Exchange Amount: $40- $50
    ( Address & Parking info will be sent once booked)

    Incase you needed more of a reason to join me :D


    -        Activate your kundalini energy within, opening up & unblocking your chakras, moving energy and boost those feel good endorphins.

    -        Enjoy Fun Joyful experiences to move, stretch, strengthen and exercise your body. 

    -        Develop a deeper connection to your intuition and level of blissful self awareness. 

    -        Strengthen your nervous system. Boost your immune system.

    -        If want to feel Calm, connected in the present moment. 

    -        Learn new tools and modalities to take home and help support your self in your daily life. 

    -        Improves cognitive function, clear focused mind and helps balance left and right hemispheres of the brain.

    -        Enjoy learning new breath techniques and expand your lung capacity.

    -        Feel radiant, in flow, Heart open and expand your aura/ magnetic field. 

    -        Improves mood, helps to move through and release emotions trapped in the body

    -        Your a Yogi and want to try a new style of practice and your curious about kundalini yoga

    -        Connect to a supportive, loving community. 

    ++ Event is open & catered to all experience levels whether your new beginner to kundalini yoga, experienced a few classes or all round seasoned yogi.

    Secure your ticket today and join me for this heart opening, radiant, blissful experience <3 

    I look forward to connecting with you!!
    With love & Kindness,
    Danielle xx

    Any questions hit me up in my DM's- 

    Facebook- @daniellehealthandhealing

    Instagram- @daniellemctaggart_

    What is Kundalini Yoga?

    Kundalini Yoga of awareness. Beautiful technology works on activating and awakening the flow of kundalini energy that can sit dormant at the base of your spine & navel point. Rising the energy all the way up spinal column (the energetic channel (sushumna), moving its way through unblocking each chakra and expanding your energy out through your aura, energetic field

    With regular practice, Kundalini yoga is said to lead to spiritual enlightenment. This is called a “Kundalini awakening.”

    Kundalini encompasses:

    ·    Pranayama breath techniques

    ·    Chanting, Mantras

    ·    Meditations

    ·    Mudras (Hand positions)

    ·    Asanas (Poses or positions)

    ·     KRIYAs (actions) sequence combination of above modalities work like a recipe to activate the kundalini energy within. Each Kriya focuses on a different sequence outcome experience for the mind, body and soul.


    Danielle McTaggart – (Taj Namgeet)

    An Intuitive heart lead guide, Energy waver activator, Calm Nurturing Healer.

    Wife, Dog mama, Nature Lover

    Lyme Disease & Endo warrior, ADHD

    Projector, Gemini Sun/Rising & Sag Moon, Spreading Love and Kindness.

    Health and Self-care advocator Educator- (Creator of Supportive tools, planners and guides.)  

    Kundalini Yoga teacher, Soul guided Meditation channel, Reiki Healer.  

    Danielle’s Mission:

    Empowering YOU to embrace all parts of you and thrive!

    So, you feel deeply connected to yourself, understand your self-care needs and firm boundaries.  

    Feel fully seen, deeply heard and supported while enjoying your life’s beautiful journey!

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