Event: Lunchbox Concerts: Alexey Yemtsov

General information

Contact name

Rachel Meyers

Contact number

0415 837 140

Travel instructions

Bus: Hobart Interchange Stops A1, A2, A3, B1, D3 and D4 are all located on Elizabeth Street. Interchange Stop C1, D1 and D2 are located on Macquarie Street. Each stop is approx 200 metres from Hobart Town Hall. Please visit to plan your trip. Car: Please drop guests off on Macquarie Street. There is car parking available at Dunn Place (280m walk) or Argyle St (400m walk) carparks.

Entry instructions

There is a ramp at the front entrance to the building on 50 Macquarie Street. From the foyer, it is flat or raked up to the lifts on the ground floor. These lifts provide access to the Ball Room (where our concerts take place), and all the way down to the loading dock/car park.

After entry instructions

Once inside the building, patrons can use either the main staircase or access elevator to the first floor. Entry to the Hobart Town Hall ballroom is at the top of the stairs and elevator.


There is a step inside the ballroom that can be avoided by using the central aisle way. Please notify staff upon arrival of any access requirements and we will gladly show you to your seats.

Toilet location

There is an accessible bathroom through the double doors to the right of the ballroom entrance. For general access to toilets, there are female toilets through the same doors, and male toilets near the main entrance on ground floor.

Accessible parking

The closest accessible parks are at Dunn Place carpark (280m).