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LUSCIOUS Sunshine Coast ~ An Evening of Embodied Liberation & Sensual Delight 🍯

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For sensitive souls with big hearts, the world can feel like a hostile place, right now more than ever.

If you find that your body’s default setting is wound tight like a spring and your heart feels armoured more often than it pulses with life, then you’re not alone.

It can be hard to see and be touched by the beauty that exists amongst the pain.

Over time, under continual stress and pressure, our bodies can settle into engrained states of being that doesn’t feel good.

And once our system accesses ways to cope, even if we wish we could unwind, thinking our way to change won’t work (and this can make us more frustrated!)

The truth is, the path to feeling genuinely softer, slower, receptive and deliciously alive is to come back to the senses.

The good news is, even when you’re out of practice, your body always holds the luscious codes that will bring you back to life.

Know that your sensual landscape is rich and endlessly life-giving… and just waiting for you to come home and relish in it - unapologetically.

You’re invited to a nourishing and enlivening evening, anchored in safety and support, that will have you walking away drenched in the luscious remembering that intimacy, liberated expression and sensuality is the medicine your body craves.

Through the artful integration of:
    + Somatic movement
    + Sensual embodiment
    + Creative play
    + Primal expression
    + Sensory exploration
    + Connection practices

    You will access deeper reservoirs of self-trust and personal power, gain renewed clarity around your true needs and desires, and expand your capacity to meet life with an open heart and curious mind - even in times of stress and challenge.

    With two experienced trauma-aware facilitators as your loving guides, Luscious is a unique sensory and movement journey for women yearning to revive their creative flow and embodied expression in a safe, gentle environment of exploration.

    Saturday, 7th September 2024
    TIME: 6:00pm - 9:30pm
    LOCATION: Morning Light Studio, Bokarina
    EARLY BIRD till 7th August: $55.00 + BF (Full Price $69.00)

    Seven years ago, following feeling disconnected and numb as a new mother, I attended a weekend workshop with Holly with some friends. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time. Yet, this profound dance changed my awareness and love for my body – and that changed my life forever.
    My SED practice continues to help me remain grounded in my physical body and in tune with my emotional state. I am my true self. Devoted. Magnetic, Juicy.
    I’m super excited to now guide women, mothers and lovers who have lost that deep connection with self through the amazing self-connecting journey of Sensual Embodied Dance®


    As Creatress of the SensuAlchemy School of Embodied Grief & Pleasure and the SensuAlchemy School Podcast, Kate Leiper was born and raised in Australia yet began her professional life as a Drama Teacher in the UK. After years travelling through Europe and Asia, on returning home Kate embarked on 4 years of Counselling and Psychotherapy postgraduate studies. While working clinically with perinatal women, she realised that where most were used to intellectually processing their thoughts and feelings, developing intimacy and literacy with the language of their body was a challenge.
    Bridging the realms of psychotherapy and grounded spirituality through the art of feminine embodiment, Kate offers a revolutionary approach to grief and loss through embodied pleasure healing. With emphasis on sensual movement, ritual and creative expression, Kate helps women transmute their pain into aliveness and personal power.


    'It feels so joyous & energising to dance & do this free flow movement. Everyone should keep dancing in their life!'
    x Sandy

    'Beauty and Sensuality at its greatest depth. Amazing!'
    x Rosie

    'As women we can feel so daunted and vulnerable saying yes to new experiences, but Luscious is so liberating and joyful that I want every woman to try it! Being able to claim a few hours to be fully present to my whole being is a gift that ripples into every other aspect of my life.'
    x Jodie

    In dance & devotion, 
    Lisa Rose & Kate Leiper

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