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Magical Menopause - 5 day Challenge (Online)

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Magical Menopause

Join us for a five-day transformative experience designed to redefine this vibrant season of our life.Β Β This Is for You IfΒ 


Β You're tired of tossing and turning at night, longing for a full night's sleep without interruptions from hot flashes.


Β You've noticed your mood swinging more than a pendulum, and you're seeking stability and serenity.


Β Your intimate moments feel more strained than spontaneous, and you're looking to reignite the spark with comfort and joy.


Β You're feeling disconnected from your body or spirit, and you crave a deep, nurturing connection to your own wisdom.


Β You're navigating the ups and downs of menopause and looking for a tribe that understands, supports, and uplifts you through it all.

Β You'll Learn to:


Β Enhance Your Sleep & Energy: Discover effective strategies to improve sleep quality and boost your daily energy, welcoming each day with vitality.


Β Revitalise Your Sex Life: Engage with sacred sexuality practices that help restore and enhance sexual intimacy during menopause.


Β Embrace Emotional Well-being: Acquire tools to manage mood fluctuations and emotional transitions, promoting a balanced and joyful mindset.


Β Deepen Spiritual Connections: Explore methods to tap into your inner wisdom and strengthen your spiritual connections during this transformative phase.


Β Navigate Change with Confidence: Receive insights and support to gracefully handle the physical and emotional changes of menopause, cultivating gratitude and resilience.This journey will address the changes menopause brings to our body, mind and emotional well-being, offering practical strategies for enhancing our energy, improving our sleep, sex life and nurturing a deep sense of well-being.Together, we will explore these shifts in a supportive community, providing everyone with insights and tools to transition into menopause with gratitude and grace.Learn practical approaches to manage the physical and emotional transitions of menopause, ensuring smoother intimacy, restful nights, balanced mood and a deeper spiritual connection.Let's understand and celebrate this life transition togetherβ€”embracing change, cultivating wisdom, and rediscovering beauty.

This Challenge will be delivered in a private facebook group from 27-31 MayΒ with live online zoom calls at 12-1pm dailyΒ with a different focus &Β presenter each day followed by a Q&A wrap up session on the FridayΒ - you can join in real time or watch the replay and engage in discussion and reflectionsΒ within theΒ in the private facebook group.Β 

Topics &Β Session Facilitators:

Nature’s Medicines for Menopause with Bridget Clare
Monday 27 May 12-1pm NZT on zoom

Bridget is a wise, multifaceted health practitioner, an experienced Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist, Rongoā practitioner, Journey of Intrinsic Health Coach, and lover of our Earth. She embodies health and wellness after a lifetime of walking barefoot in nature and aligning with her sacred, cyclic rhythms.

In this session, you'll gain personalised insights and learn to engage with the natural world in ways that support your body and spirit during perimenopause, menopause and beyond.Β She will share information on supportive nutrients, herbs and nature rituals will be explored and encouraged to enhance peace, rest, joy, play and vitality, and to help minimise inflammation, support healthy weight management, and avoid brain fog and gut issues, all while honouring the deep intrinsic connection to yourself and the universe.

Bridget excels at making intricate health concepts accessible, particularly in plant medicines, nutrition and supplementation. In the Magical Menopause challenge, she illuminates the delicate balance of your body and hormones, guiding you to a renewed and authentic sense of self.

Bridget invites you to celebrate the biological wonder of you through some of the best transitions in life, honouring the miraculous, self-regulating, self-organising, self-healing phenomena you are.Β With her guidance, the passage through menopause becomes an affirmation of life, interlaced with the profound healing energies of nature.

Her signature program, β€˜The Remembrance’ is a regenerative journey of self-discovery, self-honour, and the reclamation of joy and vitality using nature's alchemy, allowing you to embody an elevated state of being, and acknowledging this as the foundation for your daily regenerative power.Β

Bridget Clare
Nature's Medicines for Menopause

Metamorphosis of Menopause - the 54 Expressions of MenopauseΒ with Jacqui O'ConnorΒ 
Tuesday 28 May 12-1pm NZT on zoom

Jacqui's personal and professional journey through 29 years of nursing, culminating in the establishment of a charitable hospital - Heart Place Hospital, highlighting her commitment to human care and community health.

In this session Jacqui will share about the concept of the Metamorphosis &Β 54 Expressions of Menopause.Β 

Her own personalΒ transformation from a seasoned nurse to a menopause advocate, focusing on mental health and mindset, with a mission to re-power women and celebrate aging.

Her insights on menopause evolve from physical symptoms to psychological well-being, emphasizing the importance of mental health support and community during this transition.

Jacqui's work in women's health expands through sharing practices and advocacy, aiming to break stigmas and elevate the status of women in society, especially during the menopausal stage.

Her perspective on menopause redefines it as an evolutionary advantage, challenging societal views and highlighting the positive impact of women's caregiving abilities during this phase of life and another rite of passage.

Jacqui O'Connor
Metamorphosis of Menopause

Archetypes &Β Essential Oils for Peri &Β Menopause support - Natalie Cutler-Welsh
Wednesday 29 May 12-1pm NZT on zoom

Having worked with hundreds of women over the past 15+ years as a facilitator, Speaker & Coach, Natalie is all about Empowerment so that we can have the Expansive Impact that we are here for.

She is the mother of 3 teens,Β Author of the book β€œIf Only They’d Told Me”, a Wellness advocate at Up Your Brave Essential Wellness, radio host at RCR and Vitality & Visibility Coach at

In this sessionΒ Nat will share her insights and wisdom on the 4 Archetypes andΒ 8 specific natural essential oils, products and practices that can support you through the peri and menopause journey.

β€œThis session will empower you to raise your frequency and show up in more alignment as the TrueYou”.

More info, coaching, courses & clubs here:

Natalie Cutler-Welsh
Archetypes & Essential oils for Menopause support

Menopause & Sexual Desire - Tarisha Tourok
Thursday 20 May 12-1pm on zoom

Join Tarisha Tourok, relationship and sacred sexuality therapist for a focused session on how menopause can affect sexual desire and how sacred sexuality practices can help restore it. This workshop offers a supportive environment to address the shifts in libido that many women experience during this time.

In this session, Tarisha will guide you through:

  • Understanding Changes: Explore how menopause impacts sexual desire and what this means for your physical and emotional well-being.
  • Reconnecting with Your Body: Learn techniques to deepen your bodily awareness and acceptance, embracing your current state with gentleness.
  • Sacred Sexuality Techniques: Discover sacred sexuality practices that enhance intimacy and connection, helping to restore desire without pressure.
  • Building Emotional Connections: Strategies to foster deeper emotional bonds with yourself and, if applicable, your partner, to enrich your intimate experiences.
  • Personal Desire Plan: Develop a personalised approach to maintain and enhance your sexual health during menopause.

    This session is about exploring new dimensions of your sexual self, understanding the changes happening within, and using sacred practices to enhance your sense of connection and desire. Join Tarisha for practical insights and supportive dialogue to navigate these changes confidently.
Tarisha Tourok
Menopause & Sexual Desire

    Q&A Zoom Call
    Friday 31 May 12-1pm on zoom

    This ChallengeΒ will be delivered in a private facebook group (and replay link sent via email) closer to the time.

    In the meantime save the date for 12pm on 27-31 May which is when the daily zoom calls will happen - you can join in real time or watch the replay.

    Cheers, Jacqui, Tarisha, Bridget & Nat

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