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    MATARIKI – The eyes of our chiefs

    Matariki - Māori

    Mata’ali’i - Samoa 

    Mataliki – Tonga

    Join us on a journey home to the heart as we celebrate our Pāsifika (Pacific island) medicines under the sacred star alignment MATARIKI. Through ceremony we share knowledge, wisdom and traditional plant medicines that have opened the hearts and minds of our indigenous brothers and sisters since the beginning of time.

    This alignment of astrological significance and sacred medicines will create a potent portal for the expansion of self. The ceremony will give space for growth, learning and understanding of our cultures and medicines. This safe space will be supported with, breath, play, Pāsifika movement and meditation then move into dance and connection. Facilitated by our Pāsifika collective.

    Matariki (The Eyes of our Chiefs) sends us messages about natural resources on earth and reminds us of the interconnectedness of all things, from cosmos to aiga (family) and the importance of our community. Matariki occurs at the rise of the pleiades star cluster (the seven sisters). This traditionally marks the start of the new year in Māori culture and is also a time of great travel through the Pacific Islands.

    It is a time for reflecting on the past year and setting intentions for the future, with a focus on personal growth and community wellbeing. This is also a time for honouring ancestors and cultural practices.

    This year our Matariki celebration also aligns with the opening energies of the lions gate portal, this is when Orion’s belt and the star constellation Sirius aligns with the pyramids of giza bringing forth a time of great spiritual rising, a time to receive wisdom and knowledge.

    (Please note this is an all genders and non-binary peoples inclusive event, and all participants must be 16years and over to part take)

    Medicinal Offerings:
    “Kava Kuo Heka” the Tongan plant medicine Kava and “Samoan Koko (Cacao)” the Samoan Cacao medicine will be the featured elixir at MATARIKI.Kava, known for its relaxing remedy, is a potent medicinal plant that grounds our energy into our bodies. Participants will be apart of a traditional Kava ceremony, a community circle that has been practised in the Pacific for thousands of years and still practised today.

    Ormus (Monoatomic Gold)In ancient Egypt an elixir was made to make one immortal, this elixir was only for the high priests and it was the drink of the gods.Alchemised under full moons and imprinted with the highest of frequencies this Ormus is here to guide you home.This unique mineral supplement Ormus elevates consciousness and is said to repair DNA and decalcify the pineal gland bringing about heightened states of awareness.

    FIPE - (SAMOA) - CO FOUNDER OF LIVING KOKO - Community Cultural Development Practitioner, Polynesian Dancer, Fire Performer, Ceremony & Space Holder and Koko creative with family deep rooted connections to Samoan cacao. The cacao used for this ceremony has been cultivated on her ancestral custodial lands.

    AUDREY - (TONGAN) - FOUNDER OF DANIELS DAUGHTERS - Community Leader, Tou'a, Kava Mover & Shaker. Activates intentional spaces of melino (calmness) with high vibrations. Kava runs in the blood of her family, of her ancestors. The kava to be used in ceremony has been cultivated on her ancestral custodial lands. Malo ho’o fie kaunga ‘ofa mo laumalie ‘i he Kava
    Thank you for partaking in the love and spirit of Kava

    DENNIS - (MAORI) - FOUNDER OF AWAKENED WARRIOR - Space Holder, Reiki Master, Past/After life Regression facilitator and a yoga, breathwork facilitator, kriya (kundalini) and meditation instructor. Dennis creates the medicine used in this ceremony Dragon Omus._________

    What you need to know:

    *Arrive early as ceremony will begin at 1pm sharp.

    *Bring a yoga mat (seats are also provided).

    * Please wear comfortable clothing

    * Please bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated

    * Abstain from food and liquids 1 hours prior if possible

    * This is a powerful ceremony and will not align if you are affected by the following:


    -Heart conditions

    -Medication for mental health

    -Photos and video will be taken on the day, please advise if you do not wish to participate.

    -Please contact us if you have any questions.

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