Event: National Reconciliation Week Ceremonial Lighting Event

General information

Travel instructions

Bus: The two closest bus stops are on Federation Mall. From there, it is a 200 metre walk to grass area of the Forecourt. Hazards on the Forecourt include a water feature surrounded by bushes, loose red gravel, bollards and occasionally, barriers surrounding maintenance work areas.

Entry instructions

This event is outdoors and will be on the grass area of the forecourt of Parliament House.

After entry instructions

There will be no need to enter Parliament House.


Participants may enter the grass area of the Forecourt via the underground Forecourt Basement car park lift and walk to the grass area on the Forecourt. You may encounter dark areas, uneven surfaces and changing weather conditions. We recommend comfortable shoes and dressing to the weather conditions.

Toilet location

There are public toilets located in the underground public car park area.

Accessible parking

Accessible parking is in the Forecourt Basement car park near the lifts.