Event: Ōtautahi Tiny Performance Festival 2021

General information

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Virginia Kennard

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Travel instructions

Little Andromeda Theatre, Level 1/134 Oxford Terrace This Fringe theatre is on the Terrace: there is a Wilson’s carpark next door at 92 Hereford Street with accessibility parks right by the lifts. The closest main bustop is the Bus Interchange which is a 5 min walk to the theatre. Ron Ball Studio, Christchurch Town Hall, 86 Kilmore Street There is a bustop right outside the Christchurch Town Hall on Kilmore Street. There are several parking buildings round the block on Colombo Street, Kilmore Street, and Durham Street North. Flux Bar, 270 Saint Asaph Street The closest bustop is on St Asaph Street and Barbadoes Street. There are Wilsons carparks on both Madras and St Asaph streets.

Entry instructions

Little Andromeda Theatre You enter on the first floor. The lifts drop you into the courtyard behind the theatre. You’ll see Little Fiddle and to the right are some stairs heading to the theatre, and to the left is a laneway going to a lobby with an elevator that takes you up to the theatre. Ron Ball Studio You can enter the Ron Ball Studio via the front entrance of the Town Hall on Kilmore Street, ride the elevator to the second floor and mooch round past the Victoria Room. You can also enter from the river side: Colombo dock entrance on Colombo Street. The lift takes you right up to the Ron Ball. Flux Bar TBC

After entry instructions

Little Andromeda Theatre The main doors to the theatre go straight onto the stage, and the raked seating goes back from that. Ron Ball Studio The studio is one level: we will be setting up seats in the round and our FOH team will help you with an appropriate seat. Flux TBC

Toilet location

Little Andromeda Theatre There’s a door going into the standard toilets – still go through there but instead of turning left or straight, head to the right, down the corridor, into the office building lobby and you’ll find a really good accessible toilet. The corridor doors are always pinned open before, during and after shows so just follow your nose. Ron Ball Studio All toilets are to be found on the first floor of the Town Hall. Flux Bar TBC

Freedom to roam

Any and every show at Tiny Fest is available to be entered and exited at will: no lockouts and you are permitted to leave at anytime. Please let our FOH staff know if you think you would like to come and go.

d/Deaf accessibility

Tiny Fest is offering two shows (so far) that incorporate Sign Language interpreting: Katrina Bastian's dance work 'Extanz Volume I: An Epic on Power’ and Zoe Crook's 'The Whelm'. For more information please contact Tiny Fest at


Tiny Fest is working towards a range of accessibility options and would like to hear from you regarding your needs and how we can do better!

Access for the visually impaired

Tiny Fest is in the process of researching audio descriptors and aim to have accessibility in place for 2022. Thank you for your patience as we work towards this.