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POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS: How to Deliver a Confident Talk from the Heart that Turns ANY Listener into a Raving Fan

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Would you like LIVE help to overcome most people's GREATEST FEAR... 

Delivering a presentation in front of others.

A recent study in the UK revealed 75% of people fear giving a talk more than they fear death, flying or snakes.

No, it’s NOT rational.

But it is REAL.

Even if you don’t suffer from these symptoms – or at least not badly - and you just want to hone your speaking skills, keep reading, there’s plenty here for you.

Either way I have a BIG question for you…

Would you like to change the way you speak to a group now…
and instead become a “powerful presenter”?

To turn your dread into dynamism?

Your fear into freakin’ awesome?

Your uncertainty into unstoppable?

Or at the very least gain new skills that allow you to stand in your power and deliver the message you want them to hear, be it…

  • Networking
  • A keynote
  • A workshop
  • A board presentation
  • A staff meeting
  • A Bx xCite or 40-second introduction and more

If yes, keep reading because I’m about to share with you my lessons learned from the “hard experience” of delivering over the last 35 years more than 5,726 presentations to all age groups.

We’re talking…

  • Þ Classrooms of unruly and disinterested teens
  • Þ Teams of little kids who’d rather watch planes fly overhead than kick a ball their parents paid registration fees for
  • Þ And even to big gatherings of business owners at various stages around the country.

Small groups. Medium groups. Huge groups.

They all taught me a thing or two about what it takes to move people from A to B and still feel good about yourself.

At a live workshop in May, I invite you to learn and adopt these “secrets” so you feel more confident and can deliver a far more effective presentation next time.

NOTE: This is not about turning you into
the next Tony Robbins or Brene Brown.

The world already has them…

I’m talking about honing your speaking skills in an “everyday person” way… NOT you having to change and become some loud performer or exhibitionist you’re not.

It’s about you acquiring new skills and the slight edge developed over 3 decades that, when you apply them, allow you to shine every time you’re on your feet.

The great news is… this is an investment that will pay you again and again for years.


Here’s a snapshot of what we’ll cover during our two hours together in May…

  • Why you feel the dread before you speak… and the simple process to shift this energy
  • How to structure your presentation so you grab them at the start, keep them interested and leave them satisfied but wanting more (works for a 10 min talk, 60 minutes, 90 minutes and longer)
  • The keys to a meaningful and valuable handout that stays with them long after the talk
  • Little-known tips and secrets I rarely share that will make you look and feel confident, including my “3 S” formula that keeps you centred
  • And of course, all your questions answered

PLUS: as a bonus we’ll even do a 45-minute “Integration Call” on Zoom the Monday evening after the workshop.


Please don’t fear “the dip” or let “the dip” stop you from moving forward.

What I mean by this is…

When the mother eagle kicks the chick out of the nest, it first sinks and flaps awkwardly…

Then, when it gets the hang of the flying gig, it gets its confidence and rises before it eventually soars.

Your attendance at “Powerful Presentations” training is NOT a magic pill that lands you a TED talk by July (you probably don’t want that anyway!!).

What it will do is LESSEN “the dip” by giving you practical tools that have worked for and been honed by me over the last 35 years.

I welcome you to the workshop.

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About Steve Plummer

Steve is a Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, Coach, Speaker, and the author of two books that have sold across Australia, Europe and North America. A former high school Faculty Head and Deputy Principal, Steve has spent more than a dozen years in the direct marketing space writing winning promotion across 63 different niches, including a stint with an ASX listed Top 200 company. He has spoken on stages around the country for the last decade. Steve has a knack of simplifying the complex so you walk away inspired and ready for action.

​Away from work you’ll catch Steve body surfing, fishing, or walking the beach. If not there he’s spending time with his wife and 4 adult children, or writing poetry.

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