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Practical Mobile Exploitation 3 day training.

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Event description

Course Overview:

After running sold-out training at multiple conferences over the last few years, we are back with

an updated 2023 version of our course which now covers ARM64, iOS & Android Internals, and

detailed Mobile apps and operating system security. The class starts with a basic introduction to

the ARM instruction set and calling conventions followed by some reverse engineering

exercises. We then learn how to craft simple exploits for the ARM64 environment.

The training will be based on exploiting Damn Vulnerable iOS app, Android-InsecureBankv2,

InsecurePass and a wide range of real-world application vulnerabilities in order to give in-depth

knowledge about the different kinds of vulnerabilities in Mobile applications. After the

workshop, the students can successfully audit and secure applications running on iOS/Android

operating systems, as well as get a better understanding of their Internals.

Slides, Custom scripts, Videos, VM and detailed documentation on the labs will be provided to

the students for practice after the class. Corellium access will be provided to students during

the training course. Students will be provided access to a Slack channel where the trainers will

help prep them for the class, and the students can retain access to it for the foreseeable future.

Slides, videos, and detailed documentation on the labs will be provided to the students for

practice after the class. Corellium access will be provided to students during the training course.

Key learning objectives:

In this training, you will:

● Gain knowledge about the latest ARM64 instruction set.

● Explore the internals of mobile kernels and learn about various kernel security


● Familiarize yourself with recent bugs and their corresponding mitigations, such as PAC,

CoreTrust, and PPL.

● Receive an introduction to common bug categories like UaF (Use-after-Free) and Heap


● Understand the process of writing jailbreaks and exploits.

● Develop the skill of reverse engineering iOS and Android binaries, including both apps

and system binaries.

● Learn how to conduct security audits on iOS and Android apps, identifying potential


● Acquire techniques to bypass anti-debugging and obfuscation methods employed by


● Be able to read Mobile Kernel Vulnerability Reports and get a better understanding of


● Receive a comprehensive overview of tools such as IDA Pro, Hopper, and Frida, and their

practical applications.

● Gain an introductory understanding of common bug categories found in Android and iOS


● Continue practicing the auditing of iOS and Android apps for security weaknesses.

● Expand your knowledge on bypassing exploit mitigations using both manual and

automated approaches.

● Receive detailed guidance on utilizing IDA Pro, Hopper, and Frida for advanced analysis

and exploration.

Why should you take this course?

This is a completely hands-on course designed for beginners and intermediate students. Instead

of just slides, attendees will get a chance to exploit all of the vulnerabilities taught by the

instructors. The attendees will be provided with Cloud-based Corellium labs for performing the

hands-on iOS and Android exercises without the need to carry physical phones. The slack

channel is created before the course for the students so that they can be adequately prepped in

terms of hardware and software before the class.

Both the trainers have an exceptional background in Mobile Security having tested wide range

of public facing consumer applications, social media giants, hardware vendors, and financial

institutions. The trainers have taught sold-out classes on Mobile, and Kernel Security for the last

few years around the globe for multiple conferences and privately held organizations. The

attacks taught in the class are completely hands-on and based on the learnings from this

experience and personal research.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for penetration testers, mobile developers, or anyone keen to learn mobile

application security.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

The course covers topics ranging from beginners to advanced topics. Basic Linux skills are the

only requirement for the course. The Android and iOS kernel exploitation modules will require

some basic exploit development background.

Hardware/Software requirement:

Laptop with:

● 8+ GB RAM

● Students will be provided with access to Linux cloud instances

● Students will be provided with access to Corellium for iOS hands-on and as such do not

need to carry iOS devices

● Administrative access on the system

Detailed Course Setup instructions and Slack access will be sent a few weeks prior to the class

What will the students get:

● Videos for some vulnerabilities shared in the class

● Huge list of good reads and articles for learning mobile application security

● Source code for vulnerable applications

● Source code for Exploit PoCs' that can be used for Bug Bounties

● Custom VM for hands-on pentesting after the class

● Students will be provided with access to Corellium for iOS hands-on for the duration of the course

● Students will be provided access to cloud instances for the duration of the course

● Slack access for the class and after for regular mobile security discussions

Who are the Trainers:

8ksec is a foremost cyber security research company offering exceptional training and

consulting services to aid clients in enhancing their security stance. Our experts

possess extensive experience in delivering specialized cybersecurity training and

consulting to several commercial and defense organizations across the United States,

Europe, and the Middle East and North Africa region

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