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Pranic Healing & Soulful Meditation Avoca Beach

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Pranic Healing & Soulful Meditation

Runs twice a month each month
Each month a different Focus Energy is activated & received through the practice. For the classes of July the focus energy is TRUST!  

Being located above Wilde Skye Boutique, so close to the beach in Avoca, the energy of the ocean & the healing element of water are always incorporated in the practice and the journey in the soulful deep meditation.

Casual class tickets are also available


  • Thursday 6.30-7.30pm 4th & 25th July

What to expect in the Class:

  • 30mins Standing gentle Breathwork, Slow Movement & Chakra Cleansing
    30mins Laying or sitting Guided deep Soulful Meditation
  • The 10 Pranic cleansing moves you’ll do in the first 30mins of the hour are to empty the energy ‘dregs from your cup’. Using slow movement, breath and intention you cleanse each of the 7 main chakras in your body. The moves are very easy and enable you to be present with your body and your breath (think Tai Chi) as you release the old energy that no longer serves you. 
  • The Guided Meditation that follows is infused with the rich energies of Mother Gaia and is channeled for those present in the space to surrender their physical body, rest their mind & move beyond their emotions to a space of freedom, lightness and clarity in their energy body. (You are welcome to lay or sit for this deeper meditation space )
  • From this clearer and more open presence, you can receive your inner wisdom more easily and allow the support and love you most need to fill you with fresh new energy.
  • During the Soulful Meditation Liz plays Tibetan bowls around and over you to enhance the balancing of your energetic flow and Qi . 
  • As you awaken from your soulful meditation you receive a guidance card intuitively chosen just for you to support you with extra guidance in your week.

How will you feel as you leave?:

Grounded, at ease, content, whole, nourished

Lighter, freer and expansive, connecting to your centered self.

Feel more empowered in trusting your choices and intuitive knowing

What others have said about how they feel after attending Liz's Thurs class:

"I love the Thurs night meditation because it gives me time to just be. Doing what I do for work means I carry a lot of heavy energies, so having the opportunity for your guided meditation later in the week is what I need to recharge. It almost feels like medicine for my soul." Michelle Mackey

"Magical! I wish it was every week" - Sue

"Just checked my blood pressure when I got back from meditation and it was a perfect 121 over 76. I can't believe it was that! I haven't had a good blood pressure reading for a couple of years. Thank you for tonight. I'm very appreciative of your energy & zen" - Beth Saiz

Yoga mats, cushions, bolsters & blankets are available however you are welcome to bring your own.
Liz uses her skills as a Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Channel, Intuitive Guide and Clairvoyant in all her classes.


Cost: Attend both sessions $50   Casual class $28    Book below or call Liz on 0407 797 976  for more information


In the hour each person receives:

  • Palo Santo Smudging of your auric field as you enter the class
  • Pranic Energy cleansing moves to clear your chakras
  • Practice how to use gentle breath to shift energy
  • Understanding how to use intention to shift energy
  • Soulful guided meditation for a deeper restorative refuel of body, mind & spirit
  • Energy healing from me while in the class
  • Tibetan Bowl balancing and healing
  • Self awareness & soul wisdom
  • A guidance card intuitively chosen just for you to support you in your week.

All this in an hour? YES!

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