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*POSTPONED* Primitive Heart: Cacao & Sound Alchemy

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“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” ~ Ted Perry
PRIMITIVE HEART is a sacred journey to explore the unchartered terrain within our heart, what is love? what is our connection to earth, our connection to heart, our connection to spirt? We explore and enquire supported with Cacao and Sound.

EARTH & HEART What does it mean to feel with your heart, what does it mean to think with your heart.

We have embraced a mass cultural forgetting and accepted this as normal, we have forgotten we are an integral thread of our Earth, we have forgotten our depth of connection and deep down we feel something has been lost or it is so far on the peripheral of our awareness it is too dark to see, we are too scared feel. Forgetting has left confusion and division to take up residence with-in our psyche, and we feel this in our body leaving no space for spirit to rest for spirt to be felt and freely expressed. To feel and think with our hearts we cannot bypass our body. To walk our pilgrimage’s journey and discover our heart we must learn to feel our Earth and we discover a depth of self we have long forgotten,
EARTH & LOVE. Our primitive heart awakens in reverence with spirit.

“Heaven lays at your feet” Soulface



SATURDAY, August 6th - 4.00pm - 7.00pm


The word CACAO came from the Maya word Ka’kau,—which means to drink chocolate together as one. It is in this space of ceremony where we deeply heal old wounds and transmute them through Alchemy, into love. “The water that runs through the heart” - Cacao is considered to be a mediator between different states of consciousness. Also known as the “Food of the Gods” or “heart blood” due to its active ingredient called theobromine, Cacao releases dopamine and increases oxygen allowing the body to expand, the heart to open and the feelings of being in love are aroused to help move unwanted energy and awaken true possibility. It is a gentle yet powerful heart opening sacred plant medicine that anyone looking to open their hearts and know themselves deeper, could explore.

After drinking “Medicine of the heart” you will be guided into inquiring and surrendering into your body. As "Medicine of the heart" guides you, sound alchemy will invite you on a journey beyond the limitations of your cognition and through the portal of your inner landscape, your Earth. Sound becomes the vehicle to meet all parts of you wherever you are at and will allow you the possibility to come in deep connection with that which we can't see but can feel. It is from here and from this space that you will have the opportunity to explore, heal, transform and rediscover your relationship with your body, your heart, your Earth, your love. 

Please Bring:

  • Personal journal + pen
  • A Power Item (something special you want to put on an altar or just flowers from your garden as we are in this creation together)
  • Water or tea to nourish yourself during the ceremony

        Please come on time as we will close the door at 4.00 straight to allow the group to consolidate.

        Thank you for your trust.


        Your facilitators:

        Te-Awa Taputoro is a Trauma Applied Yoga Therapist and Personal Trainer and has held space in women's health and wellbeing for over 15 years in the areas of weight loss, overeating and body image. What become apparent to Te-Awa was as women we are out of tune with basic instincts of hunger and satiation. What grew from this observation was a conclusion that women must return to the present moment where our power resides. The present moment can never be known. To rest in the present we must deeply rest in our body and surrender ourselves to a depth of intelligence that governs our Earth, an impulse of creation. Ceremonial Cacao is one aspect of our journey back into the intelligence that lives and permeates our body and this moment.

        Vesna is a meditation & movement facilitator, reiki practitioner & sound alchemist. Having trained in MetaMusic under the guidance of world-renowned Hang Musician & Sound Alchmeist Laura Inserra, Vesna invites us to go beyond the cognitive limitations of the mind by using sound & the body as a portal to access the wisdom that resides deep within our inner world. Through this process Vesna aims to create environments that are safe & allow us to explore & create a world of possibility. Vesna draws on her own journey through birth trauma with an aim to inspire and empower women to reclaim their innate wisdom & realise their true potential. Vesna loves to support women at all stages and is passionate about women's health and raising awareness around birth trauma.

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