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    EMPATHS Integrative Psychedelic Somatic Psychotherapy at Sporulation: Oneline Dr Lani Roy

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    AUSLAN interpreted event!

    Join Dr Lani Roy online as part of the Sporulation Wollongong community for an interactive workshop on EMPATHS Integrative Somatic Psychotherapy (EISP) is a  transdiagnostic approach to therapy that can be utilised with cannabis and/or ketamine or a as a stand-alone non-medicine process.Dr Lani Roy’s approach incorporates the somatic, relational, transpersonal, and metacognitive domains. Bridging psychedelic therapy and contemplative wisdom.

    #disclaimer - Dr Lani Roy is not a prescriber of any medications. This is an education event focused on harm reduction and a specific type of psychotherapy. Lani is insured to work with multi disciplinary teams. See SOL mission statement here. 

    All money donated to Sporulation.

    The workshop will involve a theoretical presentation, a live role play demonstration and Q AND A. Concepts of religion, spirituality and the transpersonal field will be explored. 

    Lani will share her lived experience and insights from the field of psychedelic education which has lead her to create the EMPATHS Integrative Psychedelic Somatic Psychotherapy. EISP is a trans-diagnostic approach to therapy that can be utilised with cannabis and/or ketamine or a as a stand-alone non-medicine process. Lani has created EISP as it draws upon modern clinical theory and ancient wisdom traditions and is tailored to each person’s therapeutic needs. This approach draws upon the somatic, relational, transpersonal, and metacognitive domains. The client is supported to explore parts, shadow work, legacy burdens and their wider relational field within the context of attachment, trauma informed therapy, and metacognitive enhancement. Metacognitive skill development is paired with attachment informed care. EISP is grounded in Dan Browns 5 pillars of attachment which can support meaning making, and the stabilisation of embodied behavioural change. 

    Lani supports the client to be present with arising sensations by voluntarily reducing defence mechanisms and copying techniques that have built up across a lifetime.This process is called Selective Inhibition, which is utilised across many modalities throughout somatic and therapeutic literature. The approach supports clients to drop into their primary consciousness and experience raw autonomic nervous system states such as flight fight, freeze, fawn and dissociate) and helps the client bring association to their specific nervous system states, unresolved trauma and defence mechanism. During the process, the client may experience somatic releases in the form of somatic waves, emotional releases, non-verbal memories, transpersonal connections, and insight.Sustained eye contact can be utilised to help evoke and explore both negative and positive transference. Client consent contracts are created, and all sessions can be recorded for safety and quality assurance. The depth of this work can only be achieved if both the client and therapist are building a solid foundation of safety.

    Dr Lani Roy-Psychologist, Social Worker, Advocate.Community Outreach & Stakeholder Liaison Officer AMAPP

    Dr Alana (Lani) Roy is a Melbourne-based psychologist, social worker, and therapist with extensive experience in mental health, suicide prevention, trauma, sexual abuse, family violence, and the disability sector. Lani provides Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy (PAP) for clients accessing ketamine treatment in Australia and is actively engaged in research trials focusing on novel molecules. She is currently researching Australian community Ayahuasca and has a passion for co-production, co-design and harm reduction with people who have lived experience. Lani specialises in complex trauma, disabilities, and dual diagnosis, providing therapy in Auslan sign language for the Deaf community.  She provides a range of psychedelic education programs in the community and with The Biomedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation; she is passionate about integrating science and the sacred.  She is a board-approved psychology supervisor. Lani coordinates the psychedelic and plant medicine Mental Health Professional Network (MHPN), is an advisor for Cyberdelics Virtual Reality technologies, and Chapter Lead for Psychedelic Medicine America. Furthermore, she has completed an Advanced Diploma in Nature Based Therapies and is committed to expanding PAT outside clinical rooms into more nature based settings. Dr Lani and Melissa Warner  have  cultivated an approach named Empaths Integrative Psychedelic Integrative Somatic (EISP) approach focusing on the somatic, relational, transpersonal, and metacognitive domains; this is an extension to their CPACT course Certificate of Psychedelic and Contemplative Practices see

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