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Exploring Metaphisics Through the of Window Psychedelics: with Dr Bernardo Kastrup & Dr Lani Roy

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Join Dr Bernardo Kastrup and Dr Lani Roy as they explore metaphysics through the window of psychedelics.

August 26th 9am-11am AEST via zoom.

"The brain isn't the cause of experience for the same reason that lightning isn't the cause of atmospheric electric discharge, or that flames aren't the cause of combustion. Just as flames are but the image of the process of combustion, the body-brain system is but the image of localized experience in the stream of universal consciousness"  Bernardo Kastrup The Universe in Consciousness", Journal of Consciousness Studies, Vol. 25, iss. 5-6 (2018), p. 125

"We, as well as all other living organisms, are but dissociated alters of cosmic consciousness, surrounded by its thoughts. The inanimate world we see around us is the extrinsic appearance of these thoughts. The living organisms we share the world with are the extrinsic appearances of other dissociated alters" Bernardo Kastrup

Dr Lani Roy will pose questions regarding consciousness and psychedelics, drawing upon Bernardo Kastrup's expertise in the following areas:

  • The hard problem of consciousness
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder and the nature of consciousness
  • Jung's Metaphysics
  • Psychedelic, transpersonal and experiential states: what they teach us about the reality 
  • Metacognition and and the traps of illusory thinking
  • Subjectivity, consciousness and bodily death 

The webinar will cove these and other topics, then be followed by a Q & A

Bernardo Kastrup is the executive director of Essentia Foundation. His work has been leading the modern renaissance of metaphysical idealism, the notion that reality is essentially mental. He has a Ph.D. in philosophy (ontology, philosophy of mind) and another Ph.D. in computer engineering (reconfigurable computing, artificial intelligence). As a scientist, Bernardo has worked for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Philips Research Laboratories (where the 'Casimir Effect' of Quantum Field Theory was discovered). Formulated in detail in many academic papers and books, his ideas have been featured on 'Scientific American,' the 'Institute of Art and Ideas,' the 'Blog of the American Philosophical Association' and 'Big Think,' among others.


Dr Alana (Lani) Roy is the Founder of The Signs of Life Psychology. She is a psychologist, social worker, and therapist and has spent the last 15 years working in mental health, suicide prevention, trauma, sexual abuse, family violence, and the disability sector. Lani is an Associate Research Fellow for Swinburne University and Founding Board Member of Australian Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Practitioners (AMAPP).

Lani has worked with borderline personality and dissociative identity disorder in various roles in the community, such as rape crisis centres with victims of ritual abuse; childhood and adult sexual assault; supporting women in the sex industry; and survivors of human trafficking. She specialises in complex trauma, disabilities and dual diagnosis, and working with the Deaf community by providing therapy in Auslan sign language.

Lani specialises in harm reduction in the field of psychedelics, sexual abuse and complex trauma and the Ayahuasca and the vegetelista dieta lineage. Refer to this section for more information

She is dedicated to evidence-based therapies and increasing public and professional safety by working closely with key advisors and researchers in this rapidly emerging field of psychedelics.

Lani provides a range of educational and group-based psychedelic programs. She is a board-approved psychology supervisor and provides psychology, social work, and biomedical student placements and supervision across Deakin, Monash, Victoria University, Psychedelic Research in Science and Medicine (PRISM), Entheogenesis Australia (EGA) and the Mental Health Foundation. Lani coordinates the psychedelic and plant medicine Mental Health Professional Network (MHPN). Lani has taught as an Australian teacher on Psychedelics Today Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians and other Australian Psychedelic programs.

Lani is currently apprenticing under Saj Ravi from The Psychedelic Somatic Institute of Psychotherapy in America for cannabis and ketamine assisted psychotherapy.

Lani has begun providing Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy (PAP) for clients accessing ketamine treatment in Australia with partnering clinical organisations. She is currently working on a range of research trials focusing on psilocybin and Ayahuasca.

She is passionate about connecting with professionals and community members who have integrity, creativity, and innovation; people who can uphold the sacred nature of these medicines as we bring them safely into the clinical context. Most importantly; she is a mother of two young boys, an owner of two beautiful high needs French bulldogs, and a wife of a sexual abuse detective.

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