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Purpose Ready: Hard Skills for a More Meaningful Career

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Event description

What does getting Purpose Ready mean?

As a starting point, it's a simple way of giving and getting more from your career.

What's included in your ticket:

  • 4-hour in-person facilitated workshop providing clear guidance and engaging activities to define, understand and internalise your next steps
  • 20-page digital-workbook of reflection exercises, planning activities, measurement tracking, information, and step-by-step guides. 
  • 1-months access to the Purpose Ready community where we do weekly check-ins, Live Q&A sessions, and publish new helpful content.
  • 1-hr Networking time for you to meet others who are Purpose Ready.
  • Catered 'Purposeful Lunch', home-cooked with all plastic-free, plant-based ingredients from Community Cupboard

What you'll get out of the event:

This 4-hour event is made to be a kick-start or re-energise journey where you can really start to:

  • Reframe your understanding of what 'meaning', 'purpose', and success are, and how you can use them to understand where you are and aren't getting them in your life.
  • Find work that's more meaningful by finding out how to find better jobs, bosses, clients, coworkers, and opportunities.
  • Get unstuck from your current work-related anxiety with simple planning blueprints that have been tested in the real world.
  • Massively increase your creativity and ability to see WAY more ways of finding meaning and working towards it.
  • Gain the confidence and skills you need to pursue these new opportunities through a deep mindset-shift.
  • Build a community of people on a similar journey who can help each other to achieve more meaningful results.
  • Set-up tools and systems that will make it easier for you to understand where you are, track progress, maintain mindfulness, and create more life opportunities than you would have imagined.
  • Help make the world a better place, irrespective of your career, and with it, gain a more meaningful life.

There is no-one answer, and everyone will be at a different stage of the path. 

That's why the day will bring together the best thinking in personal-development, business, entrepreneurship, activism, spirituality, and everything in between. 

Content Covered:

The day will draw on idea and themes such as those covered in:

Why you should come to this event:

How much better would your life be right now if you spent more time doing what really makes you feel alive.

However, it's not that simple to just start doing more of what we love.

Living our dreams often feels too hard, too risky, we don't have the confidence, and if we do, we don't have the money or time.

I'm sure if it was easy to figure out what you're really passionate about, what you are uniquely good at, whilst making money and the world a better place, of course you would do it.

And if you had someone to help show you the way, a community of people to support you, a ready-made network to help you get started, and tools and templates to make everything easy, of course you would do it.

Well then let's do it. 

Let's get Purpose Ready.

Let's spend 1-day kicking off a process that could really meaningfully change the rest of your life (and yes, I know that's a big claim).

If you are going to spend an average of 80,000hrs in your career, it only makes sense that you invest in making them count.

To find a path that increases, rather than decreases, your satisfaction over time.

To wake up feeling like each day your work is (generally) an awesome part of an awesome life.

To be living closer to your purpose.

But there's one catch.

I can't tell you what your purpose is.

Only you can figure that out 

I can't 'get you' a purpose.

But I can help get you Purpose Ready.

Because I've done it with my own life.

And I want you to feel that too.

Money-Back Guarantee: 
If you don't think this event has delivered twice as much value as what you paid for it after following the steps, I'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

About me:

I'm Matt Heath.

Part of my purpose is to make it easier to do good in the world, and I love running events like these.

I've spent over 10-years in strategy consulting with the likes of IBM and EY, working across Australia and Europe to help purpose-driven leaders do even better.

But it hasn't been a smooth road. I hit a crisis point where at 26, I was running a team of consultants, earning $200k+ a year, in good health, in a great house, and found myself in a predicament.

I've worked so hard to make this life, and yet, it's not what I want, and it's making me miserable, and I don't know what to do about it.

Since then, I've pushed the boundaries to find the answer to a more meaningful life.

I've lived in a van, lived overseas, joined spiritual communities, taken psychedelics, founded a not-for-profit, started a social-enterprise, attended courses, seminars, and workshops, worked in a B-Corp, led activist groups, and spent most of my money trying figure out and pursue my purpose. 

I've learned so much, and so much about where I still have to go.

I'm not coming to you as someone who's got all the answers. But I can share my process for asking much better questions, and taking much better actions to answer them.

I've hosted over 100 mission-driven events and love workshop facilitation, public speaking and teaching, and find supporting others to live a more meaningful life one of the best ways to make my own life more meaningful

Please connect with me on Linkedin.

Still got questions?

Book a time to talk to me here, and help you figure out if the day it right for you: Calendly

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