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    Reduce Your Anxiety & Increase Your Energy and Immune Health - In Just 10 Minutes A Day

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    You’ve probably heard that stress is responsible for over 70% of doctor’s visits. It is one of the biggest drains on your energy levels, and probably the biggest contributor to mood problems like depression and anxiety.

    Stress and anxiety are rampant in today’s world (for many reasons you’re no doubt well aware of).

    But here’s what you probably don’t know...

    What most people do when they’re stressed and they feel their mind racing is to work on THEIR MIND.

    But what if the solution isn’t to work on your mind?

    It turns out that actually the fastest and most powerful way to get your brain and body out of stress and anxiety isn’t to work on your MIND, but to use your BREATH.

    There are two key layers to this:

    1. Short-term techniques to rapidly get your brain and body out of stress/anxiety mode.
    2. Rewiring your nervous system’s baseline levels of stress and anxiety by training your body to breathe optimally. (Over 80% of people AREN’T breathing optimally).

    To learn more about this, Ari Whitten has created a live virtual event, "Breathing for Energy," that can help you revolutionize your relationship with stress and rewire your nervous system from “anxious and fatigued” into “relaxed and energized.”

    He’s also partnered with world-renowned breathing expert, Patrick McKeown to develop a brand-new system of breathing practices to rewire your nervous system out of anxiety mode and go from fatigued to energized in just weeks.

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    What You'll Learn During This Free Online Healing Class

    • Breathing practices to rewire your nervous system out of stress mode and dramatically decrease anxiety levels
    • Why deep breathing is actually bad advice (and what the right approach is to increase your energy and decrease anxiety)
    • How to improve your health, energy, and mood by increasing oxygen delivery to your cells
    • The 4 keys to optimal breathing (and how to rewire your brain into doing it automatically)
    • Why dysfunctional breathing is a common cause of brain fog and anxiety (and why fixing your breathing is the hidden key to fixing your anxiety)
    • Specific breathing practices to calm your nervous system and open your airways to help you sleep deeper than you have since you were a kid
    • A specific 10-minute morning routine that resets your anxiety and dramatically increases energy levels

    This is NOT the typical “take deep abdominal breaths and relax” type of stuff.

    This is next-generation breathing science to rewire your brain and body for relaxation and energy.

    ↘️ Click here to register for free. ↙️

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