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    Ritual Trance Dance Camp

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    Event description

    Come and BE in the medicine of this land.

    Come play.

    Come sit.

    Come dance.

    Come and BE

    We have been waiting for the feel of the beat of the dancing feet.

    The dances of joy and sorrow.

    There is space for you, for us, for spirit.

    Reunited in the old ways.

    Ancient tales to sing those parts asleep, awake.

    Harmonic soundscapes to bring us into rest and dreaming.

    Be wrapped in the arms of a safe darkness, velvety and inviting.

    Enlivening our vessels with Oxygen 

    Pure and true.

    Cells awake and attuned to heart, body and soul.

    As sound weaves her threads,

    inviting us in, inviting us out.




    Then with eager hands we make, we create.

    Sacred objects guided by our psyche’s elation to have space

    to be heard.

    We feast and share 

    The dreams we dare, 

    the hurts we bare.

    Brought back to the safety of our body,

    our home

    With ancient practices we are invited to return.

    Fully embodied, grounded and expanded

    Have you heard the call

    The land is singing us well

    The land is singing us well

    This will be the third Ritual Trance Dance Camp collaboration and its first at Harmony Retreat [Meelon]

    A unified dream from 5 skilled and connected facilitators weaving a strong, safe container amplified by the land herself. 

    We meet at a place where permission has been given by the traditional caretakers of this area for healing rituals to be offered. This land sings, is vibrant and cared for.


    Arrival 3 pm to set up your camp space or settle into the bunk house

    4pm - meeting for new people to the Ritual Trance Dance offering to be orientated and up skilled with the ritual. 

    4.30 pm We gather as a whole group to share our intentions and meet each other.

    5 ish- Sharing of nourishing GF, Vegetarian meal- The famous Harmony Nachos and Quinoa Crumble

    If the weather is clear we will walk down to the large fire space under the stars or depending on numbers settle by the fire in the tipi to receive a mythic story from Melissa Min. 

    The ancient art of traditional oral storytelling is a powerful practice that can evoke a sense of deep interconnectedness and space for healing.  When we hear an ancient world story, folk tale, myth or legend that resonates with us, it can be an alchemical, transforming and empowering process.

    This story offers deep contemplation for both the masculine and feminine to enhance, ignite, inform and expand your intention for the journey ahead.

    After receiving the story we are invited to be mindful of chatter and superficial conversation. We spend much of our time talking for the sake of talking and to fill  spaces. There can be a gift and an honouring to yourself to drop into silence .

    An opportunity to drop with lightness into the calm, intricate soundscape of the bush. Inviting the energies of the earth, fire, sky, fresh air and story into your being. Allowing it to start soaking in and for you to slow down.

     Holding that vision we return to the warm hub of the chook shed.

    Prepare for a rejuvenating night's sleep with the aid of a nourishing sound healing session with Carolyne and Michelle. Immerse yourself in a journey of deep relaxation as you surrender to the soothing vibrations of crystal sound bowls, resonant gongs, melodious pan drums, medicine drums, and enchanting chimes. Allow these harmonious sounds to envelop you, bringing peace and tranquility to both body and mind.

    From there we  float into sleep and rest

    Sunday morning we rise with the sun and enjoy a warming herbal tea before walking to the tipi site to experience the magic of Ritual Trance Dance. 

    Your inner Companions of the mythic story, the residue of the harmonic sounds, your dreams and your intention travel this path with you ready to enter a waking dream state.

    Blindfold as your gateway 

    Breath of Fire

    Eclectic sounds

    Feet on the earth you are free to express freely, unburdened with no need to  filter. Allowing all parts of you to meet the layers of sound and vibration interacting with your body, mind, heart and spirit.

    At the end you will be guided onto your yoga mat and wrapped in a blanket [bring a large super cosy blanket] to rest on the earth and integrate. Attuning [earthing] your body to the earths resonance.

    This is an ALL  weather event 

    We return for hot showers and a nourishing breakfast.

    We will then gather in the warm hub of the chook shed for crafting- a simple but potent session working with stone, felt, water and our hands.

    To complete and to ensure we are grounded back into  our precious bodies and are regulated, Willow will lead a yin yoga, pranayama session. Again the theme of bringing us home. For some a return and for others it may be a fuller sense of being embodied.

    Lunch will be our sharing circle. As we nourish our bodies and each other with our experiences. Being held and witnessed in our authenticity and keeping it real. 

    The aim is to be complete by 3-4 pm.

    Your Team

    Sohalia Fitzgerald 

    Sohalia has always danced as a way to deepen her connection to self and grow. In the early 2000’s she discovered Conscious Dance practices such as 5 Rhythm’s, Kundalini and blindfolded Ritual Trance Dance which was like nothing else. A place to move with such freedom as no one was watching and a place to explore an expanded state of consciousness. Sohalia’s passion led her to train with Wilbert Alix in Germany in 2007 before bringing this powerful and transformative modality to Perth. Sohalia is the only trained facilitator practicing in Australia currently. She is a nurse, death doula, reflexologist and artist

    Melissa Min

    Melissa Min is a an Art Psychotherapist, Storyteller, Textile Artist, published Poet and Author. She works with the Mythopoetic to engage deeper levels of connection - and is a passionate advocate for bringing traditional, creative, artistic practices to community spaces. Melissa facilitates Art Therapy Sessions, Women’s Gatherings, Sacred Stitching Workshops and Storytelling Circles throughout WA.

    Carolyne Forte and Michelle Cherry

    Carolyne and Michelle created the Holistic Wellness Community and have offered the Fearless Women’s Gathering for 5years. They create spaces for others to experience the power and healing of drumming circles, nature crafting, reiki training, nervous system regulation workshops, goddess slumber parties and cacao ceremonies with a constant focus on positive mental health, authentic community connection, inclusion and diversity.

    Together they offer transformative sound healings designed to restore balance to the nervous system through guided meditation and immersive sound experiences.

     They with their partner Troy have created the healing space of Harmony Retreat.

    Willow Kline

    Willow is a lived experience trauma informed yoga teacher, personal trainer, nutritionist, coach and sound practitioner. She has completed over 600 hours of YTT with extensive studies in Pranayama breath-work. Willow coaches empowerment through weight lifting and guides people in finding strength and healing through this modality. She has studied nervous system regulation and somatic practices for the past few years and brings grounding calming presence to her sessions.

    Cost: $230 for self camping [tent, van, car] or $270 for bunkhouse.


    If you are camping - Tent, van or camper plus warm bedding

    If you are in the bunkhouse - Single fitted sheet, pillow, warm blankets

    Hot water bottle if desired

    Yoga Mat [anything else you may need to support your body- bolster, block,cushion]

    Separate large cosy and warm blanket [ sleeping bag] for the integration with the trance dance as you will be on the ground [ on your yoga mat]


    Insect repellent

    Water/ water bottle

    Layers  of clothes  including wet weather gear, gum boots and changes of clothes as we will dance rain hail or shine.

    Toiletries and towels, ear plugs will be provided for bunk house

    There will be  some herbal teas supplied but if there is something unique to you that you love please bring. Please let us know any allergies as opposed to a preference or if vegan. If you prefer rice to corn chips with your nachos. 

    Refunds are not possible, however, tickets can be transferred to another person if you are unable to attend.

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