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    Sacred Women’s Cacao Ceremony

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    For thousands of years women have gathered in sacred ceremony, supporting one another, holding space for one another, and being held to come exactly as we are, in the moment, to be loved and accepted, whole heartedly. This sacred feminine bond creates a trusting in our own intuition & creativity, a connection to self, and helps us to embrace our feminine energy. When we come together, we heal, and that ripples out to those around us, and to the world.

    Ceremonial Cacao is an ancient heart-opening plant medicine, that when held in ceremony, brings us closer to ourselves & to our purpose. It creates balance between the masculine and feminine energies within each of us, opens our hearts to fully give & receive love, and connects us to those around us. I like to think of cacao as the great amplifier, bringing every practice it’s paired with to a whole new level.

    This day will include ceremonial cacao, meditation, breathwork, gentle movement, sound & energy therapy, and anything else that weaves its way in on the day.

    I invite you to join us for 2 hours of self care, self love, and self connection, allowing whatever arises on the day to be.

    Please see below for any contraindications, and know that if cacao isn’t for your body, a beautiful heart-opening tea can be offered, or practising with water & intention will also create a beautiful experience for you. Please let me know ahead of time if you would like one of these other options.

    I look forward to meeting you and your beautiful soul in circle.

    With Love & Light,


    Conscious Soul Healing


    1) Antidepressants - If you're on antidepressants, please either avoid cacao or start slow with a homeopathic dosage (5g), or a sip. Observe your body's response before considering an increase.

    2) Caffeine - Please avoid caffeine consumption on cacao consumption day to avoid potential discomfort.  Caffeine & cacao clash may lead to issues like a rapid beating heart & headaches.

    3) Heart Conditions - Theobromine in cacao significantly increases heart rate and lowers blood pressure.  Cacao is unsuitable for those with serious heart conditions.  Please seek medical advice if uncertain.

    4) Fasting for Ceremonial Dose - Avoid eating for at least 2 hours before the ceremony for optimal effect.  Drink lots of water instead to prepare the body for the medicine.  As always, listen to your body, and if an empty stomach is uncomfortable for you, perhaps eat a light snack instead.

    5) Stimulant Sensitivity - Cacao acts as a stimulant, and may impact sleep.  Evaluate your sensitivity to stimulants, and adjust the dosage and timing accordingly.  You will be invited on the day to listen to your body and consume the amount that feels right to you.

    6) Pregnancy Precaution - Use a very small dose of cacao during pregnancy, and observe both your body's and baby's reaction. Seek medical attention if unsure.

    7) Health First - Prioritise your health at all times.  In case of uncertainty or questions, please reach out to me or consult a health care professional before engaging in ceremonial cacao.

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