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    SAN MARCOS - KIC *Nature is a Meditation Chapel* edition

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    When did you last visit a park? It's essential to connect with nature. A 2015 Stanford University study revealed that compared to those in urban areas, individuals who spent 90 minutes in nature had lower depression-related brain activity. Nature experiences ease stress and enhance focus. Join our upcoming KIC session with facilitators Danisha & Eugenia to deepen your connection with nature

    On this occasion, 2 KIC facilitators will be joining forces to bring you a beautiful session. The Kundalini Inner Cosmos (KIC) method invites you on a journey through sensory elements, with the potential to elevate your consciousness. This elevation can lead to profound states of awareness and awaken your inherent self-healing capacity. In a safe and sacred environment, music, intuitive touch, and sound serve as gateways to a deep journey of brainwave patterns. Here, new synaptic connections can be forged and destructive habits gently dissolved.

    With her extensive experience as a former KAP Level II facilitator, Eugenia founded the KIC method inspired by Pi Villaraza, who dedicated his life to developing a structured and scientifically-based approach based on his personal awakening journey. Danisha will contribute her intuitive knowledge of the transformative processes that occur when we reconnect with our life force.

    How does it work? 

    Within the safe and sacred space of KIC sessions, music, intuitive touch, and sound serve as gateways to a brainwave journey. This journey has the remarkable ability to establish new synaptic connections and dissolve detrimental habitual patterns. It's an opportunity to break free from rigid beliefs and embrace a genuine connection with yourself; a connection that holds the power to transform your life permanently. Participants will lay down on the floor and close their eyes.  What happens next is unique to each individual. 

    Is it safe?

    Is KIC safe, you might wonder? Yes, it is. This intelligent energy-driven process is entirely natural and provides precisely what your system requires at each moment. It operates on a resonance principle, where the facilitator, participant, and the environment collaboratively shape the experience, as energy flows bidirectionally. KIC, however, is a potent process that has the tendency to peel away layers of the mind, including unprocessed emotions and mental barriers. For some individuals, this can be a challenging experience that necessitates trust, self-responsibility, self-compassion, and integration time.

    While KIC offers profound benefits, it is not recommended for individuals prone to manic or psychotic episodes or those with epilepsy.  It is crucial to understand that KIC is a potent practice that should be approached with both trust and a strong sense of personal responsibility.

    THIS SESSION Takes places in a natural setting.  We recommend bringing bug repellent and long pants and slips to feel more comfortable and relax.  

    By the purchase of the ticket you acknowledge the following: 

    I, the understand, acknowledge that I am aware of the risks and hazards involved in participating in an outdoor activity, as well as any associated activity, to include but not limited hiking, walking, and laying down on the ground. I voluntarily participate in all such activities although knowing such dangers.
    I understand the dangers involved in taking outdoor session in a natural locations and agree to take all reasonable precautions to avoid injury to myself and others and damage to property in connection with my activities.
    I am engaging in the outdoor event at my own risk, and acknowledge that the The Inner Fuel LLC and facilitators makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, regarding the condition or safety of the terrain.

    The ticket is non-refundable. However, it is transferable. You must contact the organizer 72 hours ahead to coordinate the details

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